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What are the best options for pet care packaging for liquid products?

Are you looking for pet care packaging for your product range or are you filling on behalf of a pet brand? This article will detail some of the top options we have for packaging and dispensing.

A surge in pet ownership over the pandemic has led to significant growth in the pet care sector and there has never been a better time to launch a new product!
In May, Pets At Home hit its £1bn annual sales record, as pet ownership soared by estimated 8% in the 12 months following the first lockdown.

Pet owners have more cash at hand, having saved big during the lockdowns and, with more disposable income, it’s no surprise that they are choosing to treat their furry friends.

Why choose Cambrian for your pet care packaging?

Cambrian Packaging has almost 30 years of experience in providing plastic packaging for a range of sectors. Our expert knowledge, attention to detail and quality customer service has led us to supply packaging to big names in the pet care industry, including Bob Martin, Johnsons Veterinary and Supreme Petfoods.

We also supply to a variety of contract fillers working on behalf of the pet care sector.

Our warehouse capacity also means we can supply large volume requirements with no delay to support customers, reducing lead times and maximising opportunities.

Pet care packaging for shampoo products

We have a selection of HDPE and PET Boston bottles in sizes 30ml to 1000ml, ideal for a range of grooming products. Combine them with different caps and closures such as disc tops, screw caps or flip tops depending on how much control the end user needs over the dispensing of the liquid solution. Alternatively, our lotion pump dispensers are great for shampoos and conditioners where the user needs to quickly and easily dispense the solution – while also controlling their furry customer!

Triggers and fine mist sprayers

Grooming products such as detangling and conditioning sprays or flea treatments can be dispensed from a trigger sprayer or a fine mist sprayer, for a more even distribution. Our spray bottles are available in sizes 300ml to 750ml.

Fine mist sprayers are very popular in pet care packaging because they are a good choice when spray application is required on a bottle with a 20mm or 24mm neck. If you are searching for a small-scale alternative to a traditional trigger sprayer, a fine mist sprayer, or atomiser sprayer as they are sometimes known, is a perfect solution.

Our mist sprayers feature a clear over cap that prevents accidental issue of the contained liquid and they all come with ribbed skirts to allow for easier grip when removing the over cap.

Flairosol mist trigger spray

Silent sprayers for large areas

If you are looking for something a little different in your pet care packaging, it’s worth considering Flairosol. Sometimes you may have a spray product which needs to be dispensed over a large surface, such as in equine care, or with larger dog breeds. This is where our Flairosol fine mist sprayer really shines; it has a silent spray (so as not to startle the animal) and releases an ultra-fine mist for even distribution. See how it works here.

Controlled dispensing

Does your product need to be dispensed in a very controlled way, such as an ear cleaner, eye drops or tear stain remover? Our plastic spouts and screw on spouts are the perfect solution and can also be recycled.

Small solutions for pet care packaging

If you have a product in a plastic spray bottle of 250ml or smaller, you might consider using a mini trigger, for all the benefits of a quality trigger sprayer in a smaller package.

We hope this article has given you some pet care packaging options to consider. A range of plastic bottles and dispensers are available to order now from stock – don’t let long lead times block opportunity. Call our sales team on 01686 611 360 for expert packaging advice.

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