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Bleach dispenser bottle vs bleach spray bottle – which one is best?

Sometimes our customers are torn between selecting a bleach dispenser bottle or a bleach spray bottle for their liquid product. This blog article hopes to answer some of your most frequently asked questions on this subject, so you can find the best solution.

What you need to know about bleach dispenser bottles

If your product is poured on, then it’s a good idea to consider an angle neck bottle, especially if your end user needs to be able to dispense the bleach to the toilet bowl rim. We stock bleach dispenser bottles in 750ml and 1ltr, with the large bleach bottle being the most common choice for domestic use. The 750ml angle neck bottle is only really used in more specialist applications.

These bleach bottles and closures come with different orifice sizes, 4mm and 2.5mm, and the one you should choose will depend on the thickness of your bleach product and how much your end customer should be dispensing. For example, if your bleach is thin and you choose a 4mm closure it would mean the product would get used faster. Generally speaking, we would recommend the larger closure for thick bleaches and the smaller one for thinner bleaches. All closures are child resistant due to the nature of the product. You can find out more about the difference between child resistant and tamper evident containers here.

Both of our bleach bottles are filled standing on their base in the standard way – there is no requirement to tilt the bottles to fill, as the filling point is central. A registration ramp on the base allows labels to be correctly aligned with the neck when applied using an automated label applicator.

When should you use a bleach spray bottle?

If your product needs to be dispensed over a larger surface area, selecting a bleach spray bottle and combining it with a suitable trigger sprayer is the best solution for you, rather than using a bleach dispenser bottle.

In most situations, 750ml would be the size of choice because it’s more manageable for most domestic users, whereas 500ml would be considered for specialist products such as limescale remover or sprays for specific counter top materials.

In terms of colour, white bottles are the preferred option within the cleaning industry. We have a number of bottles to choose from here, which would be perfect for bleach spray products. You might want to take a look at our Elan range, which has a large label area and is easy to fill.

Selecting a trigger head for your bleach bottle

In terms of trigger heads, a foaming trigger is usually the one most of our customers choose. Generally speaking there are three types of foaming trigger available and the results can vary depending on the foaming agent used in the product: a foaming nozzle (wet foam, which slightly bubbles up the chemical, this is better for flat surfaces), a foaming mesh (slightly dryer foam), and a woven mesh (a dryer, thicker foam that sticks to vertical surfaces like tiles and shower screens without running).

See our all-plastic wet foam trigger. See our foaming mesh trigger. Please note that while the foaming mesh is available from stock, we can order alternatives for you.

If you opted to use a normal spray trigger, the liquid solution would run off the surface, whereas the foam helps it to stick to the surface, breaking down the grime.

One of the important things here to remember is the trigger sprayers need to be an all-plastic construction, as bleach will corrode the metal springs in cheaper, imported products!

HDPE or PET? Which one should you choose?

For any plastic bottles which are being used for bleach, it is important to choose HDPE as the material, because caustic products make PET brittle! You can learn more about the various types of plastics and how they react with chemicals in our Quick Reference Materials Guide in the Knowledge section of our website here.

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