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Plastic makes perfect paint packaging for Lakeland

Lakeland Paints, based in Heysham, Lancashire, is the UK’s leading manufacturer of organic paints. Their products contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), solvents or heavy metals, which makes their paint ‘So safe that your baby can eat it!’ However, they encountered a very specific problem relating to the containers that their paints were sold in and the way that users were opening them.

The challenge
The problem arose through the paints originally being supplied in metal tins which were lacquered inside. When the tins were opened with a screwdriver or similar tool, this would often result in the internal lacquer being scratched and rust forming on the inside of the tin by the time the paint was used again. This rust was in turn contaminating the paint. 

As steel screwdrivers are probably the tool of choice for opening pots of paint, this problem created a repeated customer service headache, with paint being returned as defective and Lakeland’s brand suffering. The tins used previously also dented easily which resulted in disappointed customers who had chosen Lakeland's products over inferior competition. This compromised Lakeland's brand and was beyond their control as the damage occurred after the orders had been dispatched. 

                                                 The Cambrian solution
Cambrian worked with Lakeland to produce plastic containers that not only performed superbly from a practical standpoint being resistant to being dented, but also presented an excellent image of Lakeland’s branding. The new cans are decorated using the in-mould labelling (IML) process, in which the labels are created as part of the production process and these maintain a strong brand appearance. 
Switching to plastic rather than metal cans has also completely solved the problem of rust-contaminated paint. Because there is no metal to rust, there is no danger of the paint being contaminated. Not only has this specific issue been overcome, use of plastic cans has also reduced Lakeland’s purchasing costs by over 20%, and has brought the procurement lead time down from three months to less than six weeks with the attendant benefits for storage capacity and cash flow. 

What the customer said:

"Our switch to Cambrian 5 litre plastic cans has been a great success all round, meaning an avoidance of easily-dented metal cans. We've also now solved the problem of rusting metal containers - an issue which plagues all paint producers who use metal tins.

We particularly like the reinforced top rim, which helps avoid deformation of the opened de-lidded pot, giving a much better customer experience in-use"
Ian West, Lakeland Paints

Cambrian comment
"We're very pleased to have helped the team at Lakeland Paints overcome two persistent problems that diverted from core activities.  The cost and lead time benefits are a welcome bonus for any company - if your business is paint, give us a call!"
Lloyd Harvey, Cambrian Packaging