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1000ml spray bottles give brands more bang for their buck

Cambrian Packaging has seen increased demand for 1000ml spray bottles, with brands preferring to make their products stand out on the shelves with a larger offering for their customers.

Sales executive Lloyd Harvey said: “We’re getting more and more enquiries about larger bottle options as fillers and retailers look at all the options for cost savings. We think this increased popularity is because the 1000ml spray bottles provide 33% more volume than the 750ml option but cost only around 20% more while the trigger head is the same cost for both sizes. The result is a useful reduction in the packaging cost component as well as a larger bottle to catch the shopper’s eye.

“Retailers are certainly starting to take advantage of the improved value they can offer their customers by using the bigger bottle, and with fierce competition amongst retailers and customers demanding the best possible value, we expect to see more 1000ml spray bottles filling shop shelves.”

Cambrian’s Elan range includes 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml spray bottles in white and natural HDPE from stock with colours and bottles in ‘Ecycle™’ 100% UK rHDPE available to order.