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Cambrian Packaging leads the way to reform with recycled plastic HDPE bottles

Cambrian Packaging, which has created a range of recycled plastic HDPE bottles, has welcomed calls for policy reform which could grow plastics recycling.

Groups including the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (INCPEN) and Defra’s Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP), are rallying for more recycling collection points, tax reliefs for recycled content and a universal list of acceptable materials.

It’s all part of a move to make it easier for consumers to recycle packaging waste and the group wants a universal list telling brands what is and what is not deemed recyclable, so items can be labelled clearly for the benefit of consumers.

Our answer to 100% recycled plastic HDPE bottles

Dan Simpson, sales director, said: “Cambrian Packaging has already responded to this ever-growing issue by creating packaging manufactured from 100% recycled plastic HDPE bottles. Products in Ecycle™ are made from UK-sourced rHDPE (recycled high-density polyethylene) polymer. The Ecycle™ material has a faint but distinctive green tinge in standard form and masterbatch can be added to create coloured bottles to order.

“The profile of plastic packaging has never been as high on the public agenda as it is at present and the progression toward significantly increased use of recycled materials is now established. But there is a lot more to be done to incentivise and promote recycling - the current UK plastics recycling capacity stands at just 38% nationwide.

“The costs involved in recycling are considerable and may need to be supported by central government via tax breaks for recyclers or possibly by levies at point of sale; we’ll be watching developments with interest.

“There is very little understanding among the public of what will be required; there is going to have to be a massive expansion in the UK’s plastics recycling capacity and it is going to take a while before we’re getting close to achieving the bold claims from companies, governments, campaigners etc."

Cambrian's commitment 

“That’s why Cambrian is committed to ensuring we have the material and supply line in place to fulfil requirements. We offer our customers a range of samples and product trials, so they have the choice to have recycled plastic HDPE bottles made to order. It does cost more to make that ethical decision, but ultimately many companies value the opinion of their customer base.”

The 500ml and 750ml Elan spray bottles in Ecycle™ are both available to order from stock (samples can be supplied free of charge) and we'll be pleased to discuss supply of all our own-design HDPE product lines in Ecycle™. Call 01686 611 360 to find out how we can help.