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Chemtest says Cambrian Packaging has a "no problem" attitude to product sourcing

Cambrian Packaging has a “no problem” attitude, says leading environmental testing company Chemtest.

Kevin Hempson, Chemtest Finance Director, said: “We are an environmental laboratory specialising in the testing of soil and water for levels of contamination, both chemistry and microbiological testing.

“We supply our clients with containers for their soil and water samples, the tubs/lids and milk bottles we have to discard once used because they will then have contained potentially contaminated substances.”

The lab has been trading since 1996 and has used Cambrian as a supplier for over ten years.

Mr Hempson added: “Reliability of supply is a must, and then cost is key because we simply require products that are fit for purpose, seeing as they only get used once.

“The one thing that stands out to me with Cambrian is their excellent customer service. If I need to add to or reduce our monthly order it’s no problem, if I need to bring forward part of our monthly order it’s no problem, if I need to ask for extras over and above our monthly order it’s no problem.

“If there is a problem, such as a reduced stock level, they are upfront, they then do their utmost to help, and they keep me informed. Add to this an excellent account manager, who is always available and ensures when I do ask for something different to our regular monthly order that it happens.”

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