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Ecycle™ - 100% recycled plastic packaging

The impact on the environment of single-use plastic packaging has received a lot of press and Government attention recently. This has generated an accelerating public demand for new and more environmentally-friendly packaging options.

Ecycle™ is Cambrian’s packaging option designed to help meet that demand. It is 100% rHDPE (recycled high density polyethylene).

Bottles used to generate the feedstock for Ecycle™ help address the problem of plastic packaging in the ocean and in landfill by using it again. The composition of Ecycle™ is the same as standard HDPE. It has the same melting point, flow rate and cooling rate.

Natural coloured plastic packaging

Ecycle’s natural colour is either very light grey or an off-white, according to feedstock source. We see this distinctive colouration as being a positive marketing characteristic, helping to establish a recognisable eco-friendly look. If required, though, standard masterbatch can be added to achieve white, black or coloured bottles.

No extra oil or production inputs are used in turning used HDPE into Ecycle™, adding to its ‘green’ credentials.

Ecycle™ versions of our popular 'Elan' spray bottles can already be ordered straight from stock in both 500ml and 750ml sizes.

We intend adding Ecycle™ options to more product lines, led by demand from our customers. So if there are any of our other bottles you would like supplied in Ecycle™, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

See it for yourself - to request Ecycle™ samples, contact or call us on 01686 611 360.