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Go green with eco-friendly packaging for liquids

Environmentally sustainable packaging has become extremely important to consumers and if you haven’t already considered eco-friendly packaging for liquids – it’s time you did.

Following the UK Plastics Pact every day more brands are adopting packaging that is either made from 100% recycled plastic or contains a large quantity of recycled material.

Cambrian is helping to address the plastics problem with our eco-friendly packaging solution, Ecycle™. Products in Ecycle™ are made from 100% UK-sourced rHDPE (recycled high-density polyethylene) polymer. Bottles in Ecycle™ can be manufactured in a range of colours to order or in the natural form, which has a faint but distinctive green tinge – highly appropriate given its eco-friendly credentials! We are the only company stocking spray bottles in rHDPE.

Browse our range of eco-friendly packaging for liquids

So if you are on the hunt for eco-friendly packaging for liquids like cleaning sprays or lotions take a look at our range of spray bottles available in 100% recycled plastic. Our bottles vary from 500ml to 1litre and we also supply 5 litre jerry cans in Ecycle™.

The eco-friendly material is generating a lot of interest from our customers, with providers of eco-friendly cleaning products in particular proving to be enthusiastic adopters. Our 500ml and 750ml Elan bottles in Ecycle™ are both available to order from stock (samples can be supplied free of charge) and we'll be pleased to discuss supply of all our own-design HDPE product lines in Ecycle™.

Brands join 100% recycled plastic packaging movement

Some of the latest brands to join the 100% recycled plastic packaging movement include Coca-Cola GB, Hellmann’s, L’Oréal Group, Garnier, Crown Paints and Ecover.

Cambrian Packaging has repeatedly called for significant investment in recycling infrastructure and was interested to hear that Sandy Martin, Labour’s Shadow Waste and Recycling Minister, has recently said the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy does not put enough emphasis on waste reduction.

Speaking at the Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging event this month, he said: “It is unnecessary to single out plastic and unhelpful to single out packaging. The issue is not if packaging is recyclable but if it is recycled.”

By using our Ecycle™ range of eco-friendly packaging for liquids your customers can be sure the packaging has already gone through the cycle once and can be recycled again into something useful.

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