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Innovative thinking: how Cambrian Packaging is tackling the plastic problem

Cambrian Packaging believes the solution to the plastic problem relies on transparency and innovation.

The public have already made it very clear there is a growing demand for packaging to contain recycled materials. Research undertaken by Veolia suggests 93 per cent of consumers think that plastic bottles should contain some recycled material, with 55 per cent believing it should make up the majority.

Veolia also teamed up with RECOUP to publish the ‘Plan for Plastics’, a report which suggests three key steps to transforming the industry and addressing the plastic problem:

  • Simplify recycling to remove confusion
  • Standardise packaging so it is recyclable by design
  • Increase the use of recycled content in the manufacturing of new products

The same research suggested that most consumers are willing to pay as much as 2.5p extra for bottles containing recycled materials.

How is Cambrian tackling the plastic problem?

One way is with our Ecycle™ material, which is recycled standard HDPE used at 100%. The feedstock for Ecycle™ is plastic packaging waste collected from numerous sources including watercourses and coastlines. This approach helps address the growing problem of plastic packaging polluting our seas and oceans and avoids incineration of waste by using it again.

Ecycle’s natural very light grey/green is a positive marketing characteristic, helping to establish a recognisable eco-friendly look in the eyes of the consumer.

Recycled plastic commitment

Many customers also now expect companies to take ownership of their commitment to plastic recycling, establishing firm environmental policies and creating a transparent supply chain.

We use the blow moulding manufacturing technique to make our bottles and all the waste produced as a by-product is recycled into further production, nothing is discarded.

Cambrian Packaging has chosen The Globe Foundation as its 2019 charitable cause and has donated almost £3,000 towards the Litterbug Project, a community-led plastic recycling initiative based at the not-for-profit’s new Eco Centre in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. You can find out more about the Globe Foundation here (

The investment has helped fund a machine which will help to recycle single-use plastics and transform them into craft projects and useful reusable items for social benefit. Cambrian is now looking at how we can transform our redundant stock into useful items like pens.

Here we see the process…

plastic problem answer 1Plastic Problem answer 2

And the end result…

Plastic problem answer 3

We will continue to strive for innovative solutions to the plastic problem and pass this value on to our customers and in turn, the consumer and environment.