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UK Plastics Pact puts deadline on waste

Major companies across the UK have agreed to work alongside the Government and trade associations to do away with wasteful plastic packaging by 2025.

The UK Plastics Pact

The ‘UK Plastics Pact’, which was spearheaded by sustainability group WRAP, has been signed by some 50 companies representing a high proportion of the UK’s total production of plastic packaging. It introduces several pledges that aim to eliminate the presence of single-use packaging from supermarkets, replacing it with more sustainable options.

Within the UK Plastics Pact, whose signatories include Marks & Spencer and Coca-Cola, are the following set of pledges which are to be met over the next seven years:

  • Removal of unnecessary single use plastic packaging via innovative design
  • 30% of plastic packaging to include recycled material
  • 70% of plastic packaging to be recycled or composted
  • 100% of new plastic packaging to be reusable or compostable

The participating companies will aim to address plastic’s main drawbacks whilst retaining its many benefits. The hope is that the high-profile nature of this initiative will encourage more members to sign up, presenting a real opportunity for change in the way we manage our environment.

Here at Cambrian, as well as virtually all our products themselves being recyclable, we are helping to address the problem of plastic waste further with our new Ecycle™ packaging. Products in Ecycle are made from 100% UK-sourced rHDPE (recycled high-density polyethylene) polymer. Bottles in Ecycle can be manufactured in a range of colours to order or in the natural form, which has a faint but distinctive green tinge – highly appropriate given its eco-credentials!

Ecycle is generating a lot of interest from our customers, with providers of eco-friendly cleaning products in particular proving to be enthusiastic early adopters. Our 500ml and 750ml Elan bottles in Ecycle are both available to order from stock (samples can be supplied free of charge) and we'll be pleased to discuss supply of all our own-design HDPE product lines in Ecycle.