Brands should adopt sustainable packaging ahead of Environment Bill crackdown

A Welsh packaging company has stepped up sustainable options as producers could face 100% of the costs for managing waste. 

Additional fees form part of the Environment Bill, currently being scrutinised by a Public Bill Committee that will report its findings by Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

It would mean manufacturers and distributors of products would be required to pay 100% of costs for dealing with the packaging waste they create.

Lloyd Harvey, Sales Executive at Cambrian Packaging, said: “Under the Bill, there could be clauses which set out minimum eco design for products and measures to support recyclable products, as well as banning packaging which cannot be reused or recycled.

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“It is vital that brands think ahead and consider other options, like packaging made from recycled HDPE plastic (rHDPE) and traditional plastics like PET, which is 100% recyclable. We have invested in a rHDPE range, called Ecycle™, and we are currently working on bottles for an Amazon-certified e-commerce trigger sprayer, for which we are the sole UK distributor. This form of packaging will eliminate the need for non-sustainable extra packaging (such as a single use cap and plastic wrap).

“It is unclear what specific financial penalties will be put in place, but if brands want to avoid extra costs, they need to consider sustainability.”

The Bill’s policy statement reads: “The powers provide for modulated fees that incentivise producers to design their products with re-use and recycling in mind, as those that make their products easier to recycle will pay less.

“To continue reducing plastic pollution across the country, the Environment Bill will enable the creation of new charges for other single-use plastic items, similar to the carrier bag charge, which will incentivise a shift towards the use of more reusable items.”