The Plastic Packaging Tax Whitepaper

Are you prepared for the Plastic Packaging Tax next year? A recent study by Veolia revealed 83% of businesses asked were not aware of the tax. Read our new whitepaper to find out what the tax means for your business. Updated January 11, 2022.

topics Covered

Background & Challenges

A summary of why the tax is being introduced, what approaches are needed and what the tax is. We examine the benefits and challenges of the tax, who will be affected and who will be liable.

Records & Registration

We list what sort of records those liable will need to keep to comply with the Plastic Packaging Tax and discuss who will need to register.

Materials & Components

It is important to note that the tax applies to each packaging component, not to a finished combination.

Recycled Packaging

Discover what recycled plastic packaging options are available, including Ecycle and our new range of Zero Plastic Packaging Tax options.

Read our Plastic Packaging Tax Whitepaper

View our Zero Plastic Packaging Tax range

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