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Discover a huge range of plastic bottle caps for personal or commerical use. From replacement plastic caps to bottle caps, find durable and stylish caps and closures to suit any need. Browse the range today.

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Caps and closures for plastic bottles and containers

Rather than you needing to use two suppliers we stock compatibls closures and dispensers for every bottle we stock so you can buy plastic bottles with caps at the same time and they can arrive on the same delivery allowing filling to commence right away. If you need any advice on matching the right bottles with caps, just contact our packaging experts, who will be glad to help. Tell them what your product is, who the und use is and the route to market. Use our knowledge to save you time and money!

Looking for expert advice on Bottle Caps & Closures?

You can also buy closures and caps for bottles on their own, in case you need a few spares, so we sell these closures separately to make life a bit easier. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you need a bit of advice from our plastic packaging experts on finding the right cap for bottles, call 01686 611 360.

We have a selection of flip top caps, these are usually used for dispensing creams/lotions/gels etc where is is necessary to regulate the flow of the liquid product. Smoothwalled and ribbed variants are stocked, click HERE for the stock range.

 Tip:  The disc top range is an alternative to flip tops, look for the ZCDT product codes or click HERE. 


We stock a variety of polypropylene plastic caps and bottle closures to suit a range of applications in a number of sectors such as cleaning, automotive, pet care, animal care, equine, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical use. Some caps and closures, such as flip tops caps for bottles, allow for dispensing of gels, pastes and lotions etc, when pouring from a plain neck would be too high a flow. By using our plastic dispensers, you can regulate the flow of a squeeze bottle, for example, in a clean, compact, simple, fuss-free way.

Neck sizes include 20/410, 24/410, 28/410 and caps and closures are available in white, black and translucent. Colours are available to order, with large minimum order quantities.

For advice about the best materials to use call our sales team on 01686 611 360.

We stock plastic bottle screw on caps and screw top bottle closures with an induction heat seal compatible with most of the bottles we stock. These are usually used on hazardous products or for applications when overseas carriage is required. The induction heat seal prevents leakage and can also be used as a form of tamper evidence. However, HDPE and PET bottles need different seals, please talk to our experienced team about this or click HERE to see our stock range. 

Tamper evident caps and bottle closures are predominantly used for hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical products, also some beverages and food products. Our standard range can be seen HERE. 

 Tip:  Specific bottle necks are required to be used with tamper-evident caps, a cap used by itself will not be effective. Call us on 01686 611360 for advice. 

Certain products are required to be contained in child-resistant packaging by regulations. Adding a CRC cap to a standard bottle usually meets the requirement, our stock range can be seen HERE. NB: It is very important that combinations of bottles and CRC caps are tested to ensure they meet regulations. 

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