£252m centre could mean more Post-Consumer Recycled plastic

Cambrian Packaging has welcomed news that a £252million centre will significantly increase the availability of Post-Consumer Recycled plastic.

Work to construct the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) in Avonmouth began in 2017 and the project is expected to be completed next year.

Once operational, the centre will use safe, environmentally sustainable and reliable technology to divert 320,000 tonnes per annum of non-recyclable waste away from landfill. The process sees treated non-recyclable waste exposed to high temperatures under highly controlled conditions. The energy released is then captured and used to generate up to 282Gwh of electricity which will power the facility itself and export enough energy to the National Grid to power the equivalent of 77,280 homes.

More Post-Consumer Recycled plastic in the UK

Cambrian has learned that the project will include a division producing Post-Consumer Recycled plastic, which will ‘significantly increase’ the availability of PCR within the UK. This is excellent news as the current demand for PCR is growing rapidly and supply needs to grow with it so that progress made doesn’t stall over cost concerns.

Cambrian believes the best approach to addressing the challenge of reducing packaging waste is to take conventional petro-chemical-based plastic waste and recycle it into polymer for further use, this is known as Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. This approach avoids packaging that could be recycled being disposed of by incineration, being sent to landfill or polluting watercourses. We support this view by stocking bottles manufactured in Ecycle™, which is recycled HDPE used at 100%.

Our belief is that the collection, reprocessing and reuse of conventional plastic is the best way forward.

To find out more about our Ecycle™ range of Post-Consumer Recycled plastic bottles, click here.

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