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Cleaning spray bottles – what to look for

Many cleaning products lend themselves to being applied by spray, so what features should be considered when selecting cleaning spray bottles?

Where are the cleaning spray bottles going to be used and by whom?

The first thing to consider when buying cleaning spray bottles for your liquid cleaning product is the setting. Will it be used in the home? If so, domestic cleaning spray bottles tend to be lighter sizes, such as 500ml, because they are easier to lift. If your cleaning product is going to be used in a professional or industrial setting, commercial cleaning spray bottles tend to be heavier, so a 1litre bottle would not be out of place. The 750ml is a great option, giving more volume without increasing the weight too much, hence why this size is very popular. You can filter our spray bottles by size using our product selector on the spray bottles page.

Consider the chemical composition of your liquid cleaning product

When ordering cleaning spray bottles in bulk, you should first analyse the chemical composition of your cleaning product. For example, if there are solvents involved, PET plastic is your best option, whereas if it’s a caustic solution, HDPE will suit better. If the active constituent in your product is used at a low concentration, then either material would do.

If you need more advice about choosing the right material based on the chemical composition of your product, head on over to our Knowledge page and click the black dropdown for our Quick Reference Materials Guide. If you need further help, remember that you can order free overnight samples of our cleaning spray bottles, so you can test them with your product, and you can also speak with our packaging experts on 01686 611 360.

Clear PET cleaning spray bottles allow for your product to stand out

If you’ve chosen to colour your product as part of the branding, you can select a clear PET bottle to allow for the colour to be seen through the packaging. On the other hand, if you want to hide the colour, you can select HDPE in white. In natural, you’ll see a bit of the colour. PET also offers a more luxurious gloss finish, so that may be something to consider for a more high-end cleaning brand.

Consider eco-friendly cleaning spray bottles

With the Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect from April 1, 2022, you may want to consider using eco-friendly cleaning spray bottles in the form of our Ecycle™ range, where 100% of the polymer used in the manufacture of these bottles is PCR – Post-Consumer Recycled. You might also look at our ZER0 range, which contains at least 30% recycled plastic.

How is your cleaning product used?

Not all cleaning products are suitable to be sprayed, so if your product needs to be poured out, you can use a standard screw cap. For a regulated flow, perhaps for a product to be used sparingly, you might consider a flip top or a disc top.

If your product is pumped out, such as a soap, or perhaps onto a rag to be used, consider one of our lotion pumps. These are stocked to fit 24mm, 28mm and 38mm necks, samples on request.

White screw cap - ZFTRD280W
Flip Top
disc top
Disc Top

Cambrian Packaging are specialists in packaging for liquid products dispensed by spray

If you have a spray bottle with a small neck size, a mist sprayer would be the ideal choice. Fine mist sprayers (often called ‘finger sprayers’ or ‘mist sprays, are a good choice when spray application is required on a bottle with a 20mm or 24mm neck. Our mist sprayers can be operated using one finger and are ideal for room perfumes and small-scale liquid cleaning products. For a slightly larger pack, consider our mini trigger sprayers.

For 500ml to 750ml cleaning spray bottles, our conventional trigger sprayers will be a good fit. You will need to consider if the trigger spray head needs to dispense foam, if it needs to be child resistant, the trigger sprayer pattern and the amount of product you would like dispensed per action.

We’re pleased to be the exclusive UK stockist for two leading trigger spray head manufacturers – Canyon UK and Guala Dispensing. Canyon manufacture triggers within the UK and Guala’s facilities are based in various European locations.

Made in UK, UK supplier of plastic packaging

For industrial cleaning spray bottles, consider a heavy duty trigger head which can change from a stream jet to a fine mist for multiple purposes. Trigger heads designed for professional and industrial applications are tested to over 50,000 continuous actions and their design reduces operator fatigue –   excellent for delivering sprayed product to a large area.


If you need help finding the right solution for your cleaning spray bottles, #AskCambrian. We will establish which type of bottle you are considering using, the type of products that you intend to package, and the route to market of the product. We’ll send you free overnight samples that meet the combined requirements, so you can test them with your product.

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