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Are you looking for clear plastic bottles to present your luxury liquid product?

Our range of clear plastic bottles are made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and are popular for presenting household products and in the auto care industries due to their sleek, luxury finish.

PET plastic bottles also benefit from good resistance to solvents; the minimum continuous operating temperature of PET is -20°C and the maximum is 100°C. We advise testing to establish suitability and we will be pleased to provide samples to support this. Ask our team for more information.

Why are PET clear plastic bottles a good choice when it comes to weight?

Due to technical advances, PET plastic bottles are now 30% lighter than they were 15 years ago. The pending Packaging Tax (due to be enforced in April 2022) uses the weight of products to decide liability, so clear plastic bottles are a good choice.

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PET plastic bottles offer a sustainable recycling solution

PET plastic bottles are widely recycled and can be recovered and recycled again and again – back into packaging or into carpet and clothing fibres, automotive parts, construction materials, industrial strapping or other packaging materials. While clear plastic bottles are recyclable, it is the consumer approach to recycling and the much-needed infrastructure which will make a real difference in the move towards a circular economy.

Read more about the Plastic Packaging Tax and recycling here.

Which types of clear plastic bottles do we offer?

Our Tubular clear plastic bottles are an increasingly popular choice in the pet care and auto care sectors – the clear finish showcases coloured contents. This range is easy to fill, label and pack and is suitable for use with mist sprays, mini triggers, pump dispensers and dispensing closures.

Cylindrical bottles, also known as Swipes or Poly Bottles, have sloping shoulders. As well as stocking this design in clear plastic bottles, we also have black and white PET plastic bottles. Cylindrical bottles are simple to fill and label and are stocked in 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml (250ml in clear only). This design is an excellent choice to contain a solvent product or for where the gloss shine adds a finishing touch. The clear finish allows coloured contents to be seen. This range is fitted with 28/40 necks to suit all dispensers including trigger heads.

Finally, our Boston range of PET plastic bottles is a good fit for retail products, especially where visual appearance is important. A variety of capacities and necks are available from stock, along with closures and dispensers. Our Boston range is available from stock in the clear plastic bottle variety.

In summary – why are PET plastic bottles so popular?

• PET is virtually shatterproof
• It has an extremely high strength to weight ratio
• It does not react to food and water
• PET is easily recyclable
• Clear plastic bottles allow for product clarity
• PET plastic bottles have a sophisticated gloss finish


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