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Proud to stock Britain’s best bottles

Our extensive range of quality bottles and closures provides peerless packaging performance across a wide range of industries and applications. It includes versatile, classic and bespoke bottle designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from 30ml to 1 litre. No matter how unusual the bottle, we have a closure and dispenser that matches it perfectly.

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Dispensers & closures

A comprehensive range

We have a versatile and exclusive range of dispensing taps, mist sprays and pumps from leading European manufacturers. These high-quality dispensing solutions are suitable for a wide variety of neck sizes, fittings, applications and industries.

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Cambrian Packaging is proud to bring you the future of dispensing with the release of our new trigger sprayer product.

The inspiration behind EasySpray is to significantly improve end user experience via a new approach to the application of liquids by a spray dispenser. Drawing on years of experience in conventional trigger sprayers, the design team have created a brand new spray dispenser operated by the thumb – a world first.

EasySpray is comfortable to use due to requiring only 50% of the actuation effort needed for a conventional trigger sprayer. The bottle weight is suspended over the fingers allowing increased bottle weight without discomfort, ideal for use where a large area is to be covered. The user’s hands are kept away from the nozzle for clean and simple use.

Choosing EasySpray offers significant opportunity for differentiation of finished products from spray dispensers using conventional trigger heads.

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Cutting-edge technology in liquid dispensing.

Cambrian Packaging’s Flairosol represents cutting-edge technology in liquid dispensing. It offers a strong, near-silent, invertible and sustained spray and can withstand 10,000+ actions without product failure.


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Versatile range of perfectly fitting jars

Cambrian Packaging’s range comprises a wide selection of shapes, sizes and a choice of closures including child-resistant, screw-on or push-on lids and tamper-evident seals. Closures are available in a variety of colours.

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Tough, practical and totally reliable Jerricans

The epitome of rugged durability, our Jerricans meet the majority of industry needs. They also boast some unique designs to add product distinction and value.

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Turning conventional dosing on its head

Our Revolve dosing range turns traditional dosing literally upside down, making the process easier and more accurate, and eliminating the traditional awkward squeezing. It involves a simple upturn of the bottle and back again to fill the dosing chamber, which then naturally drains to the required dosage.

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Spray bottles

Exclusive designs offering optimum filling performance

We’re proud to offer the UK’s widest range of spray bottles and compatible trigger sprays to leading international brands. Our range is available in sizes from 300ml to 1 litre and with screw thread or snap-on necks.

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Cambrian Packaging offer you the most compatible range of plastic taps on the market.

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The UK’s widest range of leading brands.

With us, European trigger spray brands are available for next-day delivery. This includes a wide selection of snap-on and screw thread options, with a choice of functions and settings from spray, fine mist, jet to foam and invertible.

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Tubs & pails

100% European sourced. Quality certified.

Our range of durable pails and lids is both premium and practical. It comprises everything from 250ml tubs to 60 litre buckets and includes square, round and rectangular (modular) pails. Every model is available with snap-on lids and there are tamper-evident options, as well as plastic and metal handles, in some ranges. Our standard colour is white, though as you’d expect, other colours are available.

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Our most popular bottles – now in 100% recycled plastic

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