Ecycle™ recycled plastic containers

Ecycle™ recycled plastic containers

We offer a wide variety of high-quality recycled plastic containers designed to meet your sustainable packaging needs. Our environmentally friendly and robust recycled plastic containers are perfect for a range of uses. Browse our selection to find the perfect eco-conscious packaging for your needs.

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Growing International Concern

In response to growing international concern about the sustainability of plastics production, we offer the Ecycle™ range. 100% of the polymer used in the manufacture of these bottles is PCR HDPE – Post-Consumer Recycled.

These recycled plastic containers are currently available in 500ml to 1L cylindrical bottles, in 500ml to 750ml spray bottles in the form of our popular Elan design, and as a 5L jerry can.

The finished colour of packaging made from 100% recycled HDPE polymer can be variable in colour. This is due to there being disparity in the colour of items entering the recycling process.

The Ecycle™ range is exempt from any liability for the Plastic Packaging Tax.

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