Fine mist sprayers

Fine Mist Sprayers

Explore our huge range of fine mist sprayers and atomiser sprayers. Suitable for 20mm to 24mm small bottle necks, our sprayers are perfect for various applications, including industrial, cleaning and personal use. Browse our collection today.

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Fine Mist Sprayers

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Fine Mist Sprayers

Cambrian Packaging is a wholesale stockist and supplier of fine mist sprayers and atomiser sprayers. Here you can see our range of mist sprayer pumps, or finger sprayer pumps, with dip tubes. They suit the 20mm and 24mm necks usually found on smaller bottles and we also stock some 28mm variants.

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 Fine mist sprayers (often called ‘finger sprayers’ or ‘mist sprays) are a good choice when spray application is required on a bottle with a 20mm or 24mm neck. they are simple to apply in just the same way as a standard closure.

These fine mist sprayers, made mostly from polypropylene plastic, can be operated using one finger and are ideal for hair care, air fragrances, pet care, medical use, personal care, perfumes and small-scale liquid cleaning products. If you are searching for a small-scale alternative to a traditional trigger sprayer, fine mist sprayer, or atomiser sprayer as they are sometimes known, is a perfect solution. They feature a clear over cap that prevents accidental issue of the contained liquid and they all come with ribbed skirts to allow for easier grip when removing the over cap.  


If the standard stock length of dip tube on a trigger head, fine mist sprayer or lotion pump doesn’t suit your chosen plastic bottle, Cambrian Packaging offers a trimming service. This is priced at £0.03 per unit; lead times vary with our workload. Please enquire at the point of order and our Customer Services Team will be happy to advise. 


For a complete solution from one quality supplier, it’s worth knowing that we specialise in trigger spray heads and dispensers and offer a comprehensive range of plastic bottles, dispensers, caps and closures. For example, if you are in need of small spray bottles for pet care, we can recommend the quietest trigger spray heads or spray flasks for your purpose. We’re pleased to be the exclusive UK distributor for two leading trigger spray head manufacturers, in addition to carrying stock of various alternatives – call our experts today! 

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