Five Reasons Why Cambrian Spray Bottles Stand Out

The spray bottle you choose has a big impact on your product’s effectiveness and commercial success, as well as your brand image. Our superstar spray bottles stand out because they’re ingeniously designed, versatile, durable, compatible and have top sustainability credentials.

At Cambrian, we’re experts on plastic spray bottles – and the triggers and closures that go with them – and we’re passionate about ensuring our customers get the bottle that enhances brand identity and optimises product performance!

Read on to discover the five reasons why our spray bottles stand out from the crowd and how we can help you find the perfect spray bottle for your product – for a match made in packaging heaven.

1. Versatile

500ml Black 30% PCR Elan Spray Bottle With NIR

Made from either PET or HDPE – both of which are highly compatible with a wide range of chemicals – our spray bottles tick all the versatility boxes. This means they can be used across a wide variety of industries and for a plethora of applications – from commercial cleaning, pet care and automotive to building, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Available in 300ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml and 1000ml capacities and in four different colours – Black, Clear, Natural and White – our spray bottles cater for all your requirements, whatever industry you’re in or application you require. Our 500ml and 750ml Black 30% PCR Elan Spray Bottles With NIR for example, are very popular in the automotive and retail sectors, but their sleek black finish and generous capacities make them suitable for dispensing a variety of products across a broad range of sectors.

If you’re not sure which of our spray bottle ranges would best suit your product, our Free Samples Service can help you decide. And if you have something in mind that’s a little out of the ordinary, our Made To Order Service has got you covered! Our team is ready and waiting to take your call, so contact them today to discuss your requirements.

2. Innovative Design

750ml Clear PET 30% PCR Spray Bottle

All of our plastic spray bottles are ingeniously designed, with dispensing excellence, brand enhancement and user comfort front of mind. 

The tooling and designs for our hugely popular Elan and Conway ranges are unique to Cambrian, and all the plastic spray bottles in these ranges are produced right here in the UK! They were created to cater for a broad range of applications in a number of sectors including commercial cleaning, veterinary, industrial and medical use and are the perfect match with most triggers and closures (more on this below!)

All our plastic spray bottles are designed to be easily fillable on an automated production line and boast a large labelling area, which is paramount for brand identity and enhancement. Large areas for label printing are also important for the usage instructions and safety warnings that many products in the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sectors require.

Enhancing and developing your brand through your packaging’s design has a lot to do with the colour of the container you choose and for this reason, we offer our plastic spray bottles in Black, Clear, White and Natural finishes. If your product is a coloured liquid which specifically aligns with your brand image, for example, you might want to show it off in our Clear spray bottles. Or if the colour of your product isn’t particularly appealing to consumers, have it concealed by one of our White spray bottles (white is also an ideal background for applying colourful labels to a finished pack!).

Like many of our spray bottles, our 750ml Clear PET 30% PCR spray bottle has a uniquely shaped handle that allows for a comfortable grip and is the ultimate in user comfort and ease of use. Meanwhile, our 600ml Natural HDPE graduated spray bottle boasts integrated graduations, allowing for precise and accurate measurements of liquid-based products – making it a very reliable container across a wide variety of applications. 

At Cambrian, we’re experts in bottle design and its impact on your brand image and the dispensing performance and success of your product. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help.

3. Compatible

600ml Natural HDPE Spray Bottle with C28 Trigger

Not only are our superb spray bottles compatible with most chemicals, they’re also compatible with a huge range of trigger spray heads and caps and closures – all available through Cambrian. 

Choose from a 28/400, 28/410 or TS1/Snap On neck size and you’ll be guaranteeing a spray bottle that’s the perfect fit for your product. 

Our 1Ltr White HDPE Rectangular Snap On Spray Bottle, with TS1 snap on neck, is the perfect combination with our TS1 trigger heads for example, while our White HDPE Conway Snap On Spray Bottle 300ml features a TS1 snap on neck and can be used to create a child resistant package when paired with a corresponding child resistant trigger spray head. Our 600ml Natural HDPE spray bottle, meanwhile, is popular in the contract cleaning market when combined with adjustable trigger heads from our C28 range.

Whether you need a spray jet, spray or foam spray pattern, our spray bottles marry up perfectly with a wide range of triggers, pumps, caps and closures to ensure perfect product dispensing. If you’re uncertain about which of our spray bottles goes best with which cap or closure for your specific application, book a personalised packaging consultation with one of our experts!.

4. Durable

500ml White PET Elan Spray Bottle

When it comes to durability, you won’t find any spray bottles better able to withstand a wide range of conditions and heavy handling than our HDPE and PET-manufactured spray bottles.

HDPE is well known for its excellent durability. It has a high strength-to-density ratio, making it impact resistant (important when your product is in transit) and less prone to cracking or breaking than other plastics. It’s also highly resistant to chemicals, which means it’s extremely unlikely to degrade or deteriorate over time. Many of the spray bottles in our popular Elan range and all of our Conway range are made from HDPE, guaranteeing a fantastically durable and versatile container for your product.

PET is also highly durable and well known for its ability to create a barrier against oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can potentially harm or compromise a liquid product. Four of our spray bottles – including the hugely popular 500ml White PET Elan Spray Bottle – are made from highly recyclable PET, helping to ensure your product is protected against oxygenation or spoilage and maintains its high quality and integrity.

5. Sustainable

750ml rHDPE Elan Spray Bottle, part of the Ecycle™ Range

Our spray bottles fire on all cylinders when it comes to sustainability – another reason why they stand out from the crowd! 

All of our spray bottles are made from either PET, HDPE or rHDPE. PET has a resin ID code of 1 and HDPE has a resin ID code of 2, (you can read all about the meaning behind resin ID codes in our previous blog), which means that both are highly recyclable materials that can easily be collected and reprocessed using standard facilities to manufacture more PET or HDPE products. Our fabulous 500ml and 750ml rHDPE Elan spray bottles too are an integral part of our amazing Ecycle™ range, which is made from 100% recycled content.

The fact that the majority of the spray bottles we stock and supply are made from 30% or 100% PCR means that they’re exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), which is great news for businesses that are working to be more sustainable while also working to cut costs in tough economic times. With PPT having risen again (on April 1st 2024), we’re doing all we can to make our products as eco-friendly and cost effective as possible for our customers.

Our 500ml Black 30% PCR Elan Spray Bottle With NIR is also a gamechanger in the sustainability stakes. Being made from NIR (near infrared) black rather than traditional carbon black, means it can be picked out by an infrared scanner and recycled, whereas previously it would have likely contaminated a whole batch of recycling material.

These days, consumers expect their packaging to be designed in a sustainable fashion and to contain a high percentage of recycled content – and these trends look set to continue throughout this year and beyond. For a truly sustainable and cost effective packaging solution, contact our team to discuss upgrading to our PET and HDPE-manufactured spray bottles.