Five Reasons Why Packaging Design Matters

Your packaging is the first sign of the quality and standard of your product and its design can play a crucial role in determining your product’s success.

Packaging design connects you to your customers and communicates brand identity, as well as ensuring the highest functionality of your product and protecting it so it remains safe, secure and fit for purpose. Continue reading to discover the five reasons why the design of your packaging is so important and how Cambrian packaging products are optimally designed to make a success of your product and your business.

1. It’s A Powerful Marketing Tool

The way your packaging is designed is a powerful marketing tool that gives you lots of opportunities to connect with your customers. Research suggests that consumers take between five and seven seconds to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Almost a third of product decision-making is made on packaging alone, while 66 percent of consumers have tried a new product because of the packaging.* 

Having a design that’s fully connected with your brand – whether that’s modern, quirky, eco-friendly, uses different colours and fonts or is a particular shape and size – will make your product pop on the shelf and go a long way to ensuring that it’s a commercial success. Basically, if a consumer likes the aesthetics of your packaging, they’re more likely to buy your product! At Cambrian, we’re experts in packaging design and how it can help you stand out in a crowded market. We’re also experts in sourcing products that are a little out of the ordinary, through our Made To Order service. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

packaging design woman selecting plastic bottle

2. It Communicates Your Brand Identity

The design of your packaging can tell a whole story about your brand and the business behind your product, as well as communicate your company’s values. For example, if sustainability is important to you and your business, and you communicate that with sustainable packaging design that is designed for recycling and reuse (a key sustainable packaging trend for 2024!), then it’s highly likely that consumers – who now increasingly expect their brands to use eco-friendly packaging design across their products – will view your product and brand as highly desirable.

Investing in Cambrian’s 100% recycled content Ecycle™ range, for example, could work wonders for your brand image as an environmentally responsible business. Research also shows that 90% of product packaging is reused, which means that if your packaging’s design makes the right impact, your brand story and reach can extend far beyond the initial purchase.* At Cambrian, many of our products – such as our plastic spray bottles and tubs and pails – have large labelling areas that give you ample room to communicate your brand story. And our brilliant In-Mould Labelling service for tubs and pails means your chosen label is fully printed and embedded during the production process, giving you full consistency in the branding and appearance of your product.

Our trigger spray bottles and tubs and pails have large labelling areas.
Our in-mould labelling service gives you design and branding consistency.

3. It Dictates Your Product’s Functionality & Usability

Capturing consumer attention and communicating your brand values is of course vital, but if your packaging isn’t designed to perform effectively or for easy use, then it’s unlikely you’ll have many satisfied customers.

Cambrian triggers, for example, are designed with spray output front-of-mind. We offer a huge array of trigger spray head options – including spray/jet, spray only and foaming – that are designed to optimise and enhance your product’s performance. 

Our triggers are designed for optimal product performance

All feature an ergonomic design that fits comfortably into the user’s hand, making them easy to hold and operate. Most are tested to over 50,000 continuous actions and are optimally designed to allow for extended use without causing hand fatigue.

Another example of packaging product design dictating functionality and usability is our Cambrian tubs and pails. These boast a tamper evident band, which not only protects the product inside from contamination and pilferage, it doubles up as a lever for easy lid removal. They all boast flat bases too, which allows for maximum product extraction, minimum wastage and higher rates of customer satisfaction!

4. It Protects Your Product - And Profits

The way your packaging is designed is crucial to determining the level of protection that your product receives during handling, transit or in storage. If your product doesn’t arrive at its destination in mint condition (whether that be at a home address or a supermarket shelf) then it will be returned or thrown away and you’re not likely to receive a repeat order.  Indeed, research shows that 45% of consumers are happy to take to social media to criticise a product whose packaging design flaws mean that it doesn’t work properly or serve its intended purpose – and that can damage your brand image and your product’s commercial success.*

Product protection is a top priority for all our manufacturing and supply partners. All our pails, for example, are ingeniously designed with a dotted rim, which interlocks them together to prevent movement – and damage – in transit and in storage. In addition, nearly all are manufactured from polypropylene (PP), an extremely durable and lightweight material that can withstand high levels of impact & movement without leaking or cracking. Many of our triggers too are now designed with spray/off, spray/jet/off and foaming/off options, to help prevent leakage in transit and product waste. 

For more information about how packaging design can help protect your product and your business profits, get in touch with our team.

5. It Communicates Vital Product Information

The design of your packaging also plays a pivotal role in communicating essential information about your product and keeping its contents and consumers safe. Packaging should contain important information about use by dates and ingredients (if a food product), or warnings about hazardous contents (if a chemical product), as well as instructions on a packaging product’s recyclable potential – and the design should take the need for this vital information into account.

All the products we stock and supply – such as our jerry cans and tubs and pails with tamper evident lids, our tamper evident caps and closures and our Tampertainer jars – are designed with product and consumer safety at their heart. Our child resistant caps and closures too, ensure that children cannot access any pharmaceutical or chemical products that would be harmful to their health.

Our child resistant caps range

At Cambrian, we can work with you to find a design that not only flawlessly communicates your brand story and optimises your product’s performance, but keeps it safe and secure too. If you’d like to discuss upgrading your packaging with a dedicated account manager, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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