Five Ways Cambrian Keeps Your Product Safe And Secure

Your packaging is the first sign of the standard and quality of your product – but it’s also much more than that. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality, integrity and shelf life of your product and ensuring it reaches its destination in the best condition possible, without spilling, leaking or being compromised.

At Cambrian, we’re committed to high quality packaging and we’re committed to our customers – and you can trust us to supply the packaging products and services that will keep your product safe and secure at all times, from the production line to dispatch, during transit and in storage.  

Read on to discover the five key ways in which we do this and why you can count on Cambrian for all your product security needs.

1. Use Of High Quality Materials

Cambrian PET range Safe And Secure
PET range

At Cambrian, we’re experts in plastic packaging and use only the highest quality plastic materials to help preserve the quality, integrity and longevity of your product both in transit and in storage.

Polypropylene (PP), for example, is an extremely strong and durable plastic that offers exceptional compatibility with most chemicals and foodstuffs. All our tubs and pails and many of our dosing bottles are made from PP, which can withstand high levels of impact and movement, as well as extreme environmental conditions, without leaking or cracking. PP is also non-toxic and has low moisture absorption, making it completely food safe and compliant with the strict regulations demanded by the food sector.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is another extremely tough and durable plastic that helps to properly contain and protect your product and keep it safe and secure. Many of our spray bottles and all our jerry cans are made from HDPE, which has a high strength-to-density ratio, making it impact resistant (important when your product is in transit) and less prone to cracking or breaking than other plastics. It’s also highly resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, which means it’s extremely unlikely to degrade or deteriorate over time.

Cambrian HDPE range Safe And Secure
HDPE bottles range

Certain products require specific barrier properties to maintain their integrity and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is well known for its ability to create a barrier against oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can potentially harm or compromise a liquid product. All our PET plastic bottles as well as four of our spray bottles are made from highly recyclable PET, helping to ensure your product is protected against oxygenation or spoilage and maintains its high quality and integrity from dispatch to destination.

2. Ingenious Design

The design of your packaging is paramount in ensuring that your product remains safe, secure and fit for purpose and we ensure that all the products we supply are designed with product safety and security top of the list. 

Our pails, for example, feature an ingenious dotted rim, which interlocks them together to prevent movement in transit (preventing product breakage, leakage and waste) and improves stackability in storage (saving precious work and storage space).

Most of our larger tubs and pails are also fitted with a sturdy handle, a design feature that is incredibly useful as it makes your product easy to manoeuvre and carry without spillages or breakages occurring. In addition, many of our trigger spray heads are now designed with spray/off, spray/jet/off and foaming/off options, to help prevent leakage in transit and product waste.

IML helps maintain product condition

A great example of how our innovatively designed products help to keep your product safe and secure is In-Mould Labelling.  Now available across the majority of our tubs and pails, the IML process fuses your label with the plastic, making it highly resistant to wear and tear and moisture, to help keep your product safe and secure and in perfect condition. 

Meanwhile, an innovative safety design feature on our buckets prevents stress cracking and breakage at the join between the IML and the pail. All this helps to protect both your container and your product while in storage or transit.

For more information about the huge benefits of IML and how packaging design can help protect your product and your profits, get in touch.

3. Superior Tamper Evidence Qualities

All the caps and closures on all our packaging products provide the ultimate in product security and preservation, with superior tamper evidence and child resistant properties available on a broad range of items.

Tamper-evident bands go a long way to helping prevent leakage and spoilage and ensuring the quality and integrity of your goods. Our fabulous tamper evident caps – such as our white tamper evident slit band cap which is designed specifically for our 5Ltr 38/415mm neck jerry can – give clear evidence of any tampering or damage and act as a brilliant deterrent against pilferage. This is especially important for certain chemicals and food items to maintain shelf life and offers an extra layer of protection while your product is in storage and during transportation. If the product has been accessed without authorisation, it will be obvious to the recipient and they will know to discard it.

38/415 White tamper evident slit band cap

Superior tamper evidence qualities are also a feature of all the lids on our tubs and pails, as well as our fabulous range of tampertainer jars, which are fitted with bands that have to be removed before the contents of the jar can be accessed.

30ml White PP Tampertainer jar

Also providing outstanding product security are our child resistant caps, which provide extremely reliable protection against potentially harmful substances and complete peace of mind that children will not be able to gain access to your product.

Child resistant caps range

4. Advanced Sealing Techniques

Whether the cap or closure you choose has a crab claw seal, a bore seal, a wadded seal (a wad is a lining of compressible material, typically foam or rubber) or our legendary IHS (induction heat) seal, rest assured that the properties and integrity of your product – be it chemical, medicine or foodstuff – will be fully preserved.

Our new white and black EPE wadded screw caps for example, guarantee to keep your product secure in its container, preventing costly leakage, spillages and waste. We even supply wadded caps that are suitable for use with all our jerry cans. These ingenious closures include a seal, to help preserve the integrity of all your bulk dispensing products.  

The most advanced sealing techniques, however, are employed by our IHS seals. An induction heat seal is usually used on hazardous products or food products where product preservation is required and using one is an almost 100% guarantee that no spillage or leakage of your product will occur while in transit. 

We stock a fantastic range of flip top and screw caps with an IHS seal that are compatible with most of the bottles we stock. For our many customers who sell their products through Amazon and other e-commerce sites, buying your PET, HDPE and PVC bottles with an IHS seal means they will be approved and ready to go without the need to pay for additional bagging. Bonus!

28/410 black induction heat seal flip top cap for PET & PVC bottles

5. Our Secure Storage Service

One of the major ways we can provide customers with peace of mind that their product is safe and secure is with our Storage Service.

We understand that many of our customers have concerns about manufacturer MOQs, so we’re happy to store any products you order from us in our warehouse for up to three months and deliver them to you in smaller quantities when you need them!

Not only does this offer you complete flexibility and convenience, it ensures contingency stock that will help safeguard your operations against unforeseen delays or transportation and supply problems.

You can trust Cambrian to keep your product safe from pilferage, pests and spoilage and deliver it to you in perfect condition. Speak to us today about your storage requirements and see how we can help.