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Flairosol mist spray atomiser  

Cambrian Packaging is pleased to be a key UK stockist of the Flairosol mist spray atomiser. This mist sprayer, made from Polypropylene and PET, offers a non-aerosol alternative to conventional trigger and aerosol sprayers. Cheap alternatives exist on the market, but they are not close in the quality of the Flairosol mist spray bottle.

Nothing works quite like the Flairosol mist spray atomiser, delivering a prolonged, powerful, high quality fine mist spray. It can also be sprayed from any angle, with full 360° operation, making it perfect for applying beauty, tanning and moisturising products, allowing users to quickly and easily cover large areas.  

The Flairosol mist spray atomiser is ideal for air fragrances, pet care, the equine sector, personal care, auto care and specialist applications. The fine mist spray output is silent, making it especially suited to animal care applications. 

We stock 185ml and 300ml Flairosol bottles as standard in a white finish; clear and black bottles are available to order. Please contact us for more info on the minimum production quantizes and lead times that apply to the non-standard Flairosol mist spray bottles.

Flairosol mist spray atomiser – a green solution 

The Flairosol mist spray atomiser benefits from the green credentials of a non-pressurised propellant which ultimately delivers better than aerosol spray quality. The design allows the liquid to be completely used up, eliminating product waste. Also, a significant proportion of the can capacity is used for propellant with aerosols – this space isn’t wasted when using the Flairosol mist spray bottle.

Alternate mist spray solutions  

Cambrian Packaging is an expert supplier of quality fine mist sprayers and atomiser sprayers. Here you can see our range of mist sprayer pumps, or finger sprayer pumps, with dip tubes.  

Remember, you can test your product for compatibility before ordering. Simply use our sample request service. Contact our sales team on 01686 611 360 and they will be happy to help. Complimentary samples are provided on next-day delivery if ordered before 3pm. We send two samples of all items requested as standard; if more samples are needed please call us.   

Cambrian Packaging – a complete solution to your spray-applied product range 

For a complete solution from one quality supplier, it’s worth knowing that we specialise in trigger spray heads and dispensers and offer a comprehensive range of plastic bottles, dispensers, caps and closures. For example, if you are in need of small spray bottles for pet care, we can recommend the quietest trigger spray heads or spray flasks for your purpose. We’re pleased to be the exclusive UK distributor for two leading trigger spray head manufacturers, in addition to offering imported alternatives. 

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