In-Mould Labelling

In-Mould Labelling (IML) – applying a pre-printed label to a mould during production – is now available across all of our tubs and pails.
IML takes all the hassle out of the label printing process and is suitable for tubs and pails across all industries, so whichever sector you’re in or you supply to, IML can meet all your labelling needs. The IML process allows your chosen label to become an integral part of your product rather than being applied to the surface after production, saving on time and production costs as well as ensuring consistency in branding and product appearance. At Cambrian, we’re experts in IML and passionate about finding packaging solutions for our clients that make their product sing! If you have any questions about the IML process, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.
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How IML for tubs and pails can benefit your business

Removing traditional labelling from the production process saves time and money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Your label is fully printed and embedded, irremovable, waterproof and food safe – all in one simple and easy process!

Durable IML – since the label is fused with the plastic during the IML process, it’s highly resistant to wear and tear and moisture, helping keep your product safe and secure and in perfect condition.

Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) on customised IML pails – set yourself apart from the competition without the heavy investment of a full production run.

and compliant

Break-resistant IML – your label is highly resistant to breaking, peeling or scratching, which means long-lasting branding and improved aesthetic appeal without compromising product safety.

Fully regulation compliant – with UK/EU labelling and packaging laws.

Ingenious new safety feature – prevents breakage at the join between the IML and the pail when the container is put under pressure from heavy use or during transportation. It also continuously adapts the design of the join to the container material during use, preventing stress concentrations from occurring under the pressure of heavy loads.

How to order

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