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About our Jerry can taps

View our range of standard and UN certified jerry cans here.

Jerry can taps

Adding a tap to a jerry can opens all sorts of possibilities for the end user, making fluid transfer easy. We have simple and robust taps from stock in neck sizes 38/415 to suit standard jerry cans or 51/DIN and 61/DIN for UN certified jerry cans.

Jerry can taps and taps designed for fitting to waterbutts or home brewing vessels are not packaging therefore are not in scope of the Plastic Packaging Tax. 

Our jerry can cap tap service

Across various manufacturers, neck specifications vary on jerry cans and finding a tap or dose pump to suit can be challenging. We have facilities to insert a range of taps into caps of 38mm and larger – send us your caps and we’ll do the rest!

Tip:  Our jerry can cap taps are perfectly suited to the growing refills sector. Free samples are available overnight. 

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