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About our Jerry cans

Standard jerry cans

Simple, adaptable bulk containers used across many different sectors. All our jerry cans are manufactured in white or natural HDPE, which is recyclable in standard facilities. Our standard jerry cans come in sizes 1 litre to 5 litre and are are fitted with 38/415mm tamper evident necks, with a sturdy top handle for carrying.

UN certified jerry cans

More robust containers certified to UN standards for surface and air freight. These come in sizes 5 litre to 25 litre capacity in natural HDPE. Necks are 51/DIN and 61DIN, with a sturdy top handle for carrying. 

Do you need dose pumps or cap taps for jerry cans?

We stock 30ml dose pumps and a range of cap taps to suit both standard and UN certified jerry cans, click the links below to see the products.

PUMPS                    TAPS    

Tip:  The pumps and taps we stock are ideal for use along with jerry cans in the growing refills sector.

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