Lotion pumps

Lotion pumps available from stock to meet demand

There is continued demand for lotion pumps after sales of hand sanitiser jumped 600% in 2020.

The statistic comes from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that GOJO Industries, the manufacturer of Purell hand sanitiser, is predicting new hygiene habits will remain after the Covid-19 crisis fades.

Last March, following NHS advice to thoroughly wash hands to stay protected from the coronavirus, sales of antibacterial gel and associated pumps soared, with many consumers buying in bulk.

It caused a lack of materials for packing companies, leaving many retailers struggling to restock hand sanitisers due to a lack of available lotion pumps and sanitiser pumps.

Alternatives to lotion pumps

GOJO Industries said suppliers could not ship enough bottles and pumps, so the company improvised, putting hand sanitiser in everything from rubbing alcohol containers to dish soap (washing up liquid) bottles.

Demand for the pumps swiftly overtook the supply capacity and here at Cambrian we were able to support fillers in getting the maximum quantity of hand sanitiser out to the public by supplying dispensing closures such as fliptops, disctops and even glue spouts as alternatives to standard lotion pumps.  The global supply chain has now caught up with demand and we’re pleased to offer supply of lotion pumps from large stocks.

The most common neck sizes for these pumps are 24/410 and 28/410 with doses ranging from 1.3mm to 4ml per action. Most are supplied with the pump head locked down to save space in transit.

View our range of lotion pumps here.

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Cambrian Packaging has a wide variety of hand sanitiser pump bottles, and lotion pump bottles from 125ml to 1500ml, with lotion pumps and sanitiser pumps to suit available from stock. Call our plastic packaging experts on 01686 611 360 for advice on the best plastic bottle pump dispensers.

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