Mini Triggers

Mini Triggers

Explore our Mini Trigger Spray Heads in a variety of sizes and colours. Our lineup features compact and durable trigger head sprays designed to meet diverse dispensing requirements. Whatever your product, we’re your ultimate destination for top-notch Mini Trigger Spray Heads. Start browsing our collection today.

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Mini Triggers

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We Are Trigger Spray Experts

Trigger spray heads along with plastic spray bottles to suit are a particular Cambrian focus. Our Mini Trigger Spray Heads are versatile and can be used across various industries such as personal care, animal and pet care and automotive. They have low actuation force and delivery a precise, controlled mist.

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Our expertise in plastic packaging solutions for products dispensed by trigger spray heads allows us to work closely with customers to advise on their requirements across numerous industry sectors and provide the right product combinations to meet specific challenges. #AskCambrian

Choosing the right trigger spray head for your product is vital to its success. For example, does the bottle sprayer need to be suitable for medical use, does it need to dispense foam, does it need a child resistant trigger? Then there’s trigger spray head patterns to consider and the amount of product dispensed per action…

You’ll find a range of trigger spray heads, so to narrow it down, please use the product selector at the top of this page or call our friendly sales team on 01686 611 360. For more information about each of our bottle sprayers, simply click on the product page and you can download a specification sheet.

Trigger heads designed for professional and industrial applications are also stocked. These are tested to over 50,000 continuous actions and their design reduces operator fatigue –   excellent for delivering sprayed product to a large area.

For more information on how to choose the right trigger sprayer for your liquid product, read our guide here.

An overview of our range of bottle sprayers can be found in our new Product Guide. Request your free copy from our sales team. To keep up to date with Cambrian Packaging, follow us on Twitter or Linked

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