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Suppliers face challenges as cost of recycled plastic on the rise

While the UK government plans to tax companies which don’t use at least 30% recycled plastic in their products, costs have skyrocketed. The race to reduce plastic waste could become a quarter of a billion dollars more expensive every year as the cost of recycled plastic increases, the Guardian has reported …
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Go green with eco-friendly packaging for liquids

Environmentally sustainable packaging has become extremely important to consumers and if you haven’t already considered eco-friendly packaging for liquids – it’s time you did. Following the UK Plastics Pact every day more brands are adopting packaging that is either made from 100% recycled plastic or contains a large quantity of recycled material …
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Calls to refine Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations

Cambrian Packaging has welcomed calls to refine Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations instead of a proposed tax on plastic packaging. In a recent article in British Plastics and Rubber magazine, Philip Law, director general of the British Plastics Federation, echoed Cambrian’s call for significant investment in recycling infrastructure. He said: “It …
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