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Perfect plastic packaging

Cambrian Packaging is a privately-owned, pioneering and well-established international supplier of plastic packaging. We specialise in spray bottles, triggers, dispensers and closures

The company was established in 1993 and now supplies a variety of clients internationally, including well-known brands like Ronseal, Lush, Autosmart, Kilrock Products, Greggs and Lakeland.

We design our own unique containers and over the years we have invested significantly in tooling. To date we own nine plastic packaging ranges, from 250ml up to 1 litre, all manufactured in Britain. Here at Cambrian Packaging, we constantly focus on the future and value proactive thinking. That’s why we have created 100% recyclable spray bottles and are currently developing tooling for two new bottles.

We put understanding at the heart of everything we do: understanding of customers, sectors, technical possibilities, packaging trends, commercial implications and future consumer and legal requirements.

We use this understanding and insight to work with our customers to achieve the ultimate plastic packaging performance from an aesthetic, technical, functional and manufacturing point of view.

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Meet the team

At Cambrian Packaging we strongly believe the best results can only be achieved together. While we each have specific roles and responsibilities, it’s teamwork that sets us apart and allows us to achieve the best possible plastic packaging solutions for our customers.

Management Team

  • Martin Simpson

    Martin Simpson


    Martin acquired the business in 1993. Together his sons Mike and Dan have expanded the business over time, establishing a solid foundation for the future and further expansions. In his current role as a non-executive director he continues to provide guidance on the strategic direction and overall performance of the business, its people and packaging products.

  • Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson

    Managing Director

    Mike was part of the business from the beginning and is still actively involved and very passionate about all aspects of the business.

    To discuss any feedback on Cambrian Packaging or to find out more about Cambrian Packaging please contact Mike directly via

  • Dan Simpson

    Dan Simpson

    Sales Director

    Dan has been with the business for over 10 years and as the sales director is responsible for all national and international supplier management and certification.

    To discuss any feedback or ideas on product innovation or quality, please contact Dan directly via