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Pill bottles and tablet bottles – a buyer’s guide

Pill bottles can be a more versatile type of medicine packaging than you would think; aside from medicines, supplements, and vitamins, our customers also use them for chlorine tablets, disinfectant capsules and even tablets for pond and water treatments.

As UK-based tablet bottle suppliers, we have put together this guide to answer some of your questions. You can buy wholesale plastic jars with lids in bulk from us and order free samples for next-day delivery on this website.

Why are many pill bottles the same sort of shape?

The typical prescription bottle tends to be shorter, with a wide neck, making it easier for people to get the pills out of the medicine bottles.

Plastic pill jars or glass alternatives?

While glass pill jars are available, plastic pill jars offer a lighter alternative to glass, which also reduces the possibility of the packaging becoming broken during transit.

Years ago, when pills were powdery more fragile, cotton balls would be put in the tablet bottle to cushion them and protect them crumbling. Now, modern pills are coated and less likely to break, so the cotton ball is less common.

Do pill bottles come in a variety of colours?

If you’re opting for glass, you might notice that a lot of the glass medicine bottles are tinted an amber colour. This helps to stop ultraviolet light from damaging contents via photochemical reactions. It is also possible to find these bottles with green hues, usually used for natural oils and organic health products.

You’ll also notice that most plastic pill containers tend to be white. While attitudes to colour are changing thanks to recycled plastic bottles, white is still popular for medicine bottles because it is thought to appear more clinical.

Make sure medicine bottles are tamper evident

We stock a range of tamper evident containers and plastic pill bottles, available in different formats for varied uses. The main thing to consider when selecting tamper evident jars is that both the bottle/container and the lid need to be designed as tamper evident.

There is also child-resistant packaging to consider, which is when the packaging requires a certain level of adult knowledge to figure out how to open it, ensuring children do not gain access to harmful chemicals.

Our range of Snapsecure pill bottles are small tamper evident pots or plastic pill jars which take a press-on lid which has a tamper evident seal in the form of a plastic band that the user removes before opening the container for the first time.

The seal on our Snapsecure lids is also ideal for containing moisture-sensitive products, such as powders. These tablet bottles are used for supplements and over the counter medicated products, and also for some other applications such as fishing baits.

Fishing bait packaging

While these wholesale plastic jars can be a good option for some fishing baits, it would also be worth considering our range of small plastic tubs with press-on lids. We have sizes starting from 125ml, and the clear varieties are great for being able to display the product through the packaging.

Buy wholesale plastic jars with lids in bulk from Cambrian Packaging

Multi-purpose jars with press-on lids are available from 20ml to 1000ml, manufactured in white polypropylene – which is fully recyclable. Lids are fitted with tear-off bands that must be removed to access the contents. Choose from our selection of oil bottles, such as Securipac and Tampertainer, which have sloping shoulders, or straight-sided Snapsecure jars. These are tamper evident and have push fit lids.

These are a good choice for anything from supplement and vitamin bottles and unlicensed healthcare products to food ingredients, or even sampling… the list goes on.

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