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Plastic spray bottles and trigger heads

Cambrian Packaging offers supply from stock on a range of plastic spray bottles, bottle sprayers and trigger spray bottles in sizes 300ml to 1000ml, along with trigger spray heads to complete the package. 

We own the tooling and designs for the Elan and Conway ranges of plastic spray bottles, these have been created to suit a range of applications in a number of sectors such as cleaning, automotive, pet care, animal care, equine, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical use. These quality plastic spray bottles are produced right here in the UK.  

Our trigger spray bottlestrigger flasksspray flasks, bottle sprayers and full range of plastic spray bottles have options for a 28/410 screw on and TS1 snap-on neck. Our range comes in clear PET and white/natural HDPE, both of which are fully recyclable. We also offer black HDPE and other colours are available to order subject to minimum production quantities.

We supply in quantity to suit customers – from a case to a full vehicle!
Please call
 our sales team on 01686 611 360.  

Need small plastic spray bottles? Good things come in small packages 

If you are looking for small spray bottles, our bottle sprayers come in as small as 300ml. Use the product selector at the top of this page to see our range of Conway plastic bottles, such as this one, which also comes in natural or as a snap-on option.   

Plastic spray bottle Elan PET 500ml

Our best-selling plastic spray bottles and bottle sprayers

Our best seller is our Elan plastic spray bottle which is stocked in 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml sizes in HDPE with a 500ml version in PET being added in Spring 2021. This trigger spray bottle range is renowned as being easy to fill and label on production lines and as a result, this spray bottle range is well suited to the retail sector. 

Tip: The Elan is the only 500ml/750ml/1000ml plastic spray bottle family on the market – combine it with one of our quality trigger heads for one of the most effective spray packages available.  

For more information about each of our trigger heads and plastic spray bottles, simply click on the product page and you can download a specification sheet. Label profile information is available on request.  

Looking for recycled spray bottles?

We stock the 500ml and 750ml Elan bottles made in Ecycle™ which is fully recycled HDPE. Click HERE for the Ecycle™ range. 

Do your customers need to see the liquid product? We have clear plastic spray bottles  

If the product is an attractive colour, why not showcase it? We stock 500ml and 750ml clear plastic spray bottles in a 28/410 neck for use with screw-on trigger spray heads; other 28/410 closures are also compatible. The PET material makes this plastic bottle sprayer fully recyclable. Take a look. 

Cambrian Packaging – a complete solution to your spray-applied product range 

For a complete solution from one quality supplier, it’s worth knowing that we specialise in trigger spray heads and dispensers and offer a comprehensive range of plastic bottles, bottle sprayers, dispensers, caps and closures. For example, if you are in need of small spray bottles for pet care, we can recommend the quietest trigger spray heads or bottle sprayers for your purpose. 

We’re pleased to be the exclusive UK distributor for two leading trigger spray head manufacturers, in addition to stocking imported alternatives. 

An overview of our range of plastic spray bottles can be found in our new Product Guide. Request your free copy from our sales team. To keep up to date with Cambrian Packaging, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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