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Discover our soap pump dispenser range, perfect to a administer a measured dose of liquid gels, lotions, cream or soaps using a single-handed action. Choose sizes ranging from 1.6ml to 30ml in two unique colours. Browse our selection today.

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Product Refill & Dose Pumps

Sometimes referred to as Soap Pump Dispensers, Soap Dispenser Pumps, Pump Bottle Dispensers, Refill Pumps or Dose Pumps Whatever you call them, Cambrian Packaging can help you find the perfect pump dispenser bottle and pump dispenser combination, which will dispense a measured dose of your liquid gel, lotion, cream or soap pump dispenser product using a single-handed action. Doses from our soap dispenser pumps range from 1.6ml to 30ml and products are stocked mostly in white, with some smaller ones in translucent.

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What about Plastic Packaging Tax?

‘Hand soap pumps’ are specifically mentioned in HMRC guidance as being liable for the tax. The are 24mm and 28mm pumps fitted to bottles to complete a packaging combination as part of production. 38mm, 51mm and 61mm pumps fitted to jerry cans by the end user therefore are not considered packaging so the tax doesn’t apply.

You can view our range of lotion pumps or find a soap dispenser pump here or by clicking the ‘lotion pump’ option under product type in the above product selector. Dip tubes can be trimmed to suit the chosen soap dispenser pump bottle and our lotion pumps and soap dispenser pumps are supplied in a locked-down position to save space and prevent leakage once applied.


If you need a pump bottle dispenser for sauces, our white ‘Falcon pump’ suits a 28/410 neck, and provides a 4ml dose per action. This pump dispenser is mainly used for dispensing hand cleaning products and for dispensing of sauces.  

Our jerry can pump dispensers can be found hereFor example, our white lotion jerry can pump is usually used on 5/10/12.5 litre UN jerry cans for dispensing barrier cream and hand cleaning products, but it can also be used for dosing concentrated cleaning products. This jerry can pump dispenser is also known as the Pelican Pump or an Ounce-a-Matic dispenser.

If you need more volume for your liquid or sauce product, view our jerry cans.


You can view our range of pump dispenser bottles to be combined with our soap dispenser pumpsplastic sauce bottles, and find other pump bottles / pump bottle dispensers using the product selector above.  


If the standard stock length of dip tube on a lotion pump or soap pump dispenser doesn’t suit your chosen plastic bottle, Cambrian Packaging offers a trimming service. This is priced at £0.03 per unit and lead times vary with our workload. Please enquire at the point of order and our Customer Services Team will be happy to advise. 


For a complete solution from one quality supplier, it’s worth knowing that we specialise in trigger spray heads and dispensers and offer a comprehensive range of plastic bottles, pump bottle dispensers / soap dispenser pumps, caps and closures. For example, if you are in need of small spray bottles for pet care, we can recommend the quietest trigger spray heads or spray flasks for your purpose. We’re pleased to be the exclusive UK distributor for two leading trigger spray head manufacturers, in addition to offering imported alternatives. 

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