sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging takes centre stage at Packaging Innovations 2020

Sustainable packaging was the hot topic at Packaging Innovations 2020.

Cambrian Packaging joined over 300 of the industry’s leading suppliers at the event last week at the Birmingham NEC and showcased Ecycle™, its sustainable packaging range of recycled plastic bottles and jerry cans.

Innovative ways to lower packaging’s carbon impact formed the lead topic, diving deep into sustainable packaging – with an emphasis on the fact that plastic is not the source of the threat to the planet.

Kevin Vyse, Head of Technology at Rapid Action Packaging UK and ex Circular Economy Expert at M&S, said: “We are acting quickly, but we are not looking at the facts. It is carbon that is killing the planet, not packaging. As we create new solutions to replace plastic, we are actually releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than ever before.

“The reason we are in such as mess is that we are reacting to opinion which is leading us down the wrong paths. We have to keep looking for new ways of thinking and challenging the ways we do things currently to make sure they are right.”

Cambrian’s approach to sustainable packaging

At Cambrian Packaging, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we developed Ecycle™, which is sustainable packaging made from 90% recycled plastic and in turn, fully recyclable.

Lloyd Harvey, Sales Executive at Cambrian Packaging, said: “Ecycle™ is a truly innovative material and offers brands the opportunity to carry a special message to consumers.

“We constantly strive for new ways to reduce unnecessary packaging – and we are currently working on bottles for an Amazon-certified e-commerce trigger sprayer, which we announced at the exhibition. This will prevent packaging leaking in transit and will also be better for the environment because it will eradicate the need for non-sustainable extra packaging (such as a single use cap and plastic wrap), which is currently needed to prevent leakage.

“The e-commerce trigger was designed and created by Rieke Packaging Systems and designed to meets Amazon’s ISTA-6 standard. We have partnered with Rieke on supply of the trigger head to the market, as a suitable bottle is also necessary for the trigger head to be of use to fillers. We’re honoured to be trusted with this innovative product and are pleased our extensive experience in the industry has led to this exciting partnership.”

The bottle and trigger head combination will shortly be going through Amazon’s rigorous testing process, and Cambrian is confident that approval will be granted on 500ml and 750ml spray bottles.

Mr Harvey added: “We should be in a position to supply both options during Q2 and we’re currently taking enquiries.”

The trigger and new bottles will be Amazon ‘Frustration Free Packaging’ Certified and pass all

of the ISTA-6 testing requirements. This is a general simulation which tests the capability of the package and product to withstand hazards, transport hazards, product to market time reduction, confidence in product launch, reduction in damage and loss, balanced distribution costs, customer satisfaction.

For more information about sustainable packaging options, call our sales team on 01686 611 360.