Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

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Why Your Packaging Matters

Throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, economies and ecosystems are facing a major plastic problem. Your customers’ expectations are changing, and they now demand action from their favourite brands. With the current global challenges around plastic, it’s not hard to see why…

Packaging Challenges

Ecosystems throughout the world are being ravaged by plastic pollution. In order to avoid worsening this issue, companies must end their reliance on virgin plastic.
Like virtually all areas of business, companies are facing mounting supply chain challenges when it comes to their packaging. When demand for your product is high, you need a secure supply chain.

Businesses must now pay a tax rate of £210.82 per tonne of plastic packaging that doesn’t contain at least 30% recycled plastic. For companies using virgin plastic, this is a major expense.

Today’s leading brands are responding to what their consumer demands: sustainable, recyclable packaging. By continuing to use non-recycled, non-recyclable packaging, your customers may eventually leave you behind.

How Cambrian Can Help

Here at Cambrian, we’re passionate in our belief that plastic packaging DOESN’T have to harm our natural ecosystems, nor the financial pockets of your business. By making some well-considered changes to your packaging strategy, you can avoid the reputational impact, environmental damage and tax implications associated with virgin plastic.

Play Your Role in a Changing World

Here at Cambrian, we understand that changing your product packaging can represent a major business decision, impacting on your product’s aesthetic and how your customers will interact with it. That’s why we bring together a team of experts to help you make this change seamlessly; for the benefit of your business, your customers and the natural world around us.
You can count on Cambrian. No matter your sustainability targets, we’ve got the experience, expertise and products to make it happen…
As individuals, we all face a responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint. However, as manufacturers and distributors of products containing plastic packaging, companies just like yours must take every action possible to reach net zero. As the plastic packaging industry’s FIRST company to achieve Net Carbon Zero Status, and now we want to help your business achieve the same. By taking the right steps, we can show you how.

If rising material and business operation costs weren’t enough, businesses are faced with yet another financial challenge in paying Plastic Packaging Tax to HMRC. Businesses must now pay a rate of £210.82 per metric tonne on plastic packaging which contains less than 30% recycled plastic. By upgrading your packaging to contain more recycled plastic, you can avoid this cost and save your business thousands each year.

Consumers are waking up to the plastic packaging crisis which now surrounds them. Whilst awareness is on the rise, the continued and inappropriate use of landfill continues to pollute waters and other natural ecosystems throughout the planet. By using recycled plastic and by encouraging your customers to recycle, you can play your own small yet significant role in fighting this global crisis head-on.
Changing your product packaging is a big deal – nobody understands that better than Cambrian. From how your changed packaging will change the appearance of your product, right through to chemical compatibility with your product, there are lots of questions to consider before you make the change. Fortunately, Cambrian takes you through each of these considerations carefully, helping you make the best decision for your business and your customers.

Make the change with our 5 step process

Transitioning to better packaging has never been easier with Cambrian’s 5-step process. Starting with a free consultation and ending with upgraded, sustainable packaging for your business, our service helps your businesses take one step closer to meeting its environmental commitments.
Finding solutions to your plastic packaging challenges shouldn’t come at a cost. That’s why Cambrian Packaging kicks off the Sustainable Packaging Service with a bespoke consultation phase that takes place at a time convenient to you at NO COST. As part of this phase, our sustainable packaging consultants meet with you and your team to define your objectives and plot a strategy towards meeting those objectives. Your goals may include:

  • To take steps towards achieving Net Carbon Zero Status
  • To create a realistic and achievable Sustainability Strategy
  • To upgrade your packaging in-line with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • To change how your company contributes to global plastic waste; or
  • To mitigate the significant costs associated with Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
Following initial consultations and objective-setting, we take a number of samples of your current packaging and subject them to thorough analysis in our headquarters, based in Newtown, Mid-Wales. As part of this critical stage, we determine a number of features of your packaging, helping us to specify alternatives that are more cost-effective and more sustainable. Here’s just a few example of what we examine:

  • What kind of packaging you currently require – for example, a dosing bottle or a plastic spray bottle.
  • If you’re currently using a Trigger Spray Head, we define what kind of chemical compatibility will be required according to your product.
  • We determine what level of recyclability your current packaging is capable of; and
  • How much your current packaging strategy reflects your brand identity and values.

Here at Cambrian, we understand that the term ‘sustainability’ has become one which is easily thrown around in the world of business. However, when we say we specify more sustainable packaging alternatives, we mean it, and the proof can be felt in how your new packaging can be recycled and how much Plastic Packaging Tax you’ll pay. Here’s some examples of the alternatives you can expect from Cambrian Packaging:

  • Zero PPT products: As the UK’s leading innovator in plastic packaging products, Cambrian stocks a comprehensive range of options that are totally exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. This is due to their impressive composition of over 30% recycled plastic content. Indeed, whilst enhancing your brand’s approach to sustainability, upgrading to ZERO PPT packaging will help you avoid paying £210.82 per metric tonne that you’d have to pay otherwise.
  • The Ecycle™ range: The perfect packaging solution for companies who want to step towards material that is 100% recycled, the Ecycle range features a selection of products that are manufactured using 100% post consumer recycled HDPE. Just like our Zero PPT range, Ecycle products are also totally exempt from Plastic Packaging Tax.
Once we’ve specified sustainable alternatives to your current packaging, we send out samples of those alternatives for you to independently test against your own products. As part of this stage, you may wish to test how well your product is dispensed through the packaging; if it is chemically compatible with your product and how it complements or adds to your brand identity and product aesthetic.
As the final stage in Cambrian’s Sustainable Packaging service, we leverage our unrivalled logistical capacity to deliver your consignment of packaging with some of the shortest lead times on the market. Regardless of your location in the UK, we ship your packaging to you quickly so that your customers – and the planet – can begin benefitting from your new packaging sooner rather than later.