Cambrian Caps & Closures: For A Complete Packaging Solution

Here at Cambrian, we offer our customers a complete packaging solution. As well as being specialists in plastic bottles, we’re experts in caps and closures too. So when you buy your bottles and jerry cans with us, you can also buy the caps and closures that fit perfectly with them – for a match made in packaging heaven!

Whatever industry you’re in or your supply to – whether it be chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, cleaning or pet care – our hugely adaptable range of caps and closures caters to all applications.

All our caps and closures are manufactured using strong, durable HDPE, PP, or LDPE, and are available in a wide range of neck types, seal types and colours. In addition, they’re all fully recyclable and can be recycled using conventional kerbside facilities, which is crucial when you’re working to be a more sustainable business.

Continue reading to discover all the amazing benefits of Cambrian caps and closures and why our range is the best on the market

Wide Variety Of Neck Types

When you buy your bottles or jerry cans from Cambrian, you can also choose from our vast array of caps and closures to find their perfect match.

DIN/61 black tamper evident cap, to fit 61mm neck jerry cans (also available in white)

From caps and closures to suit bottles with 20/410mm, 24/410mm and 28/400mm necks, to black 61mm tamper evident caps designed for use with 61mm neck jerry cans (and every size in between!), we provide every type of cap and closure to suit every type of container!

38mm UCS white tamper evident screw cap
31.5mm red spouted angle neck bottle cap

For example, our black 34mm Revolve dosing closure is perfectly compatible with our Revolve dosing bottles, our 38mm UCS neck white tamper evident screw cap is an excellent fit for juice bottles and our 31.5mm red spouted angle neck bottle caps are designed specifically for toilet cleaner bottles with a 31.5mm neck and are fully compliant with child resistant cap regulations (more on child resistant caps below!).

If you’re not sure which of our caps and closures is best for you, contact our expert team today, or request some free samples and try them out for yourself! 

Or perhaps you need a different size or colour cap to match your operations and your branding? Let our Made To Order service sort it all for you. Just let us know your specific requirements and we’ll take it from there!

Exceptional product security and preservation

All of our caps and closures provide the ultimate in product security and preservation, with superior tamper evidence and child resistant qualities.

Whether the cap or closure you choose has a crab claw seal, a bore seal, a wadded seal or our legendary IHS (induction heat) seal, rest assured that the properties and integrity of your product – be it chemical, medicine or foodstuff – will be fully preserved.

28/410 white push pull cap (also available in black)

Our new white and black EPE wadded screw caps and ingeniously designed push pull caps, for example, guarantee to keep your product secure in its container, preventing costly leakage, spillages and waste.

38/415 White tamper evident slit band cap

Meanwhile, our fabulous tamper evident caps – such as our new white tamper evident slit band cap (which is designed specifically for a 38/415mm neck jerry can) give clear evidence of any tampering or damage and act as a brilliant deterrent against pilferage. This is especially important for certain chemicals and food items to maintain shelf life and offers an extra layer of protection while your product is in storage and during transportation. If the product has been accessed without authorisation, it will be obvious to the recipient and they will know to discard it.

28/410 white wadded tamper evident cap

Also providing outstanding product security are our child resistant caps. Whether you opt for our new 28/410mm white and black child resistant caps, our 24/410mm white wadded child resistant cap, our 28PP ROPP white wadded cap or our 38/400 white wadded child resistant cap, you can be certain of reliable protection against potentially harmful substances and complete peace of mind that children will not be able to gain access to your product. 

Bear in mind too that many of our other caps and closures, such as our red angle neck bottle cap (designed for use on toilet cleaner and bleach bottles) are manufactured to meet child resistant (CRC) regulations to ensure safety.

E-commerce-approved IHS caps

28/410 black induction heat seal flip top cap for PET & PVC bottles

We know that many of our valued customers sell their products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon – but many of these sites stipulate that any products sold without IHS (induction heat) seals must undergo additional bagging and boxing before they can be sent out for delivery. This is to ensure that no leakage and spillages occur.

IHS seals are usually used on hazardous products or food products where product preservation is required.

Luckily, we stock a fantastic range of flip top and screw caps with an IHS seal that are compatible with most of the bottles we stock, so you don’t have to worry about paying out for additional packaging. Buy your PET, HDPE and PVC bottles with IHS seals through Cambrian and they will be Amazon and e-commerce approved and ready to go!

If you have any questions about our IHS seal closures, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.

Easy and Accurate Dispensing

The way your product is dispensed goes a long way to ensuring its popularity with consumers – and its commercial success. Noone wants to pour a liquid product from a bottle that leaks or comes out too slowly or too quickly!

20/410 natural flip top cap (smooth)

Our fantastic range of flip top caps will make all your dispensing worries disappear! Available in either smooth or ribbed variants (for easy attachment and grip) our fabulous flip top caps allow for the pouring of gels, creams, pastes and lotions in a regulated and controlled fashion, ensuring a clean, simple and fuss-free user experience. 

In a similar way, our disc top caps also make sure that the dispensing of your product is convenient and mess-free. Pressing down on one side of the disc top lifts the opposite side, ensuring a smooth and easy application of creams, car shampoo, bleach and other viscous formulations.

28/410 white directional flip top cap (fine ribbed)
Black Revolve dosing closure

If you need to ensure that the dispensing of your product is precise and accurate – such as when using a concentrated product – look no further than our Revolve dosing closure, which is compatible with all dosing bottles in our Revolve range.

28/410 white spout (ribbed)

Pinpoint product application is also provided by our spouted caps, which are ribbed and available in a range of neck types. And if the length of the spout on your chosen cap isn’t completely right, we can easily customise it for you to make sure it suits your application perfectly! Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

How Cambrian Can Help: A Complete Packaging Solution

With so many fabulous caps and closures to choose from, it can be a challenge working out which would best suit your product requirements.

Our 5-step process (including our Free Samples Service) provides a roadmap to help you decide which cap or closure best fits your chosen bottles, for a complete packaging solution that’s tailormade for your business.

  1. FREE consultation – a chat about your packaging needs at a time convenient to you.
  2. Analyse current packaging – to assess current level of recyclability, reflection of brand values and the chemical compatibility required.
  3. Specify more sustainable and cost effective caps and closures that fit perfectly with your chosen bottles or containers. 
  4. Send out samples – test our caps and closures independently against your containers and with your product.

Deliver your new packaging directly to you in some of the shortest lead times out there.

To find out more about our Free Samples Service or our 5-Step process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.