The Rise Of AI: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a seriously disruptive technology that is affecting industries – and particularly the packaging sector – the world over. But is it a blessing or a curse for your business?

Here we discuss the infinite possibilities of AI for the plastic packaging industry, its indisputable downsides – and why at Cambrian, we believe we must work in partnership with AI to make our planet a nicer, safer place to live for everyone.

The Benefits Of AI

The possibilities of AI technology seem endless in the plastic packaging space, for driving innovation, improving efficiency and productivity as well as helping solve key problems such as how to create a more sustainable future. Some of the ways AI can be of great benefit to the industry and your business include:

Optimising Efficiency & Productivity – AI can analyse data from sensors and production lines to identify inefficiencies and suggest improvements, leading to increased productivity and reduced waste. It can also analyse data on raw material availability and transportation logistics, leading to improved and more efficient production scheduling and distribution.

Product Design & Innovation – by analysing consumer preferences, market trends and material properties, AI can help manufacturers and suppliers like Cambrian provide plastic packaging that is not only cost effective and works brilliantly but meets evolving regulatory requirements and consumer needs.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact Reduction – AI algorithms can help optimise material usage (by identifying opportunities to reduce packaging material, for example) and optimise recycling processes (by identifying and sorting different types of plastic more accurately). This all helps to increase recycling efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimise waste.

The Disadvantages Of AI

Of course, while there are many advantages and opportunities afforded by AI, there are some indisputable disadvantages. Some of the main ones include:

Lack Of Human Connection – AI will never be able to replace the human touch and provide the same emotional connection as a personalised business approach.

Job Displacement – as AI systems become more capable of doing jobs traditionally done by humans, there’s a huge risk of unemployment and underemployment in many sectors.

Privacy & Security Concerns – AI systems often need to access huge amounts of data to be effective, which raises concerns about privacy violations and unauthorised access to personal information. They can also be vulnerable to attacks and manipulation, posing risks to data integrity and user privacy.

Reliability Issues  – if AI systems aren’t adequately functioning or reliable, there can be significant consequences, especially in safety-critical applications.

Working In Partnership With AI

We’ve seen both the enormous benefits and disadvantages that AI can bring to our industry and to your business – so what’s the answer? 

According to the research and markets report Artificial Intelligence in Packaging: Thematic Research, nearly every industry faces disruption from AI, and those that fail to work with it risk commercial demise.

At Cambrian, we believe that manufacturers, suppliers and distributors alike need to work in partnership with AI for the advancement of our products and processes as well as helping create a more sustainable packaging industry. However, all this needs to be done while ensuring that privacy and security concerns are properly addressed and the human contact side of our business remains strong.

Customer First is one of our core values and the guiding principle on which we base all our business practices. A huge part of putting our customers first is creating an emotional connection with our clients through a personalised approach and dedicated care.

We offer everyone who comes to our door a personalised consultation with an account manager who will sit down with you, listen to your specific business requirements and craft a perfect tailor made packaging solution.

Throughout the whole process of consultation, purchase and delivery, we have a customer care team that’s committed to looking after our clients every step of the way. We even provide after-sales care, to make sure clients are completely happy with our service. Contact our team of experts today to discuss your unique business needs.