Cambrian Tubs And Pails: Your Ultimate Packaging Partner

Ticking all the boxes of versatility, sustainability, product security and ingenious IML labelling and design, our tubs and pails are your ultimate packaging partner! 

Here we discuss all the reasons why our tubs and pails provide the perfect packaging solution for your product, whatever industry you’re in or you supply to, and whatever application you require.


All our tubs and pails are made from polypropylene (PP), an extremely versatile plastic that offers exceptional compatibility with most chemicals and foodstuffs – making them your ultimate packaging partner! PP is also non-toxic and has low moisture absorption, making it completely food safe and compliant with the strict regulations demanded by the food sector.

Available in a huge range of capacities, shapes and sizes – round, square and rectangular, and with a wide variety of lids to match – our tubs and pails are incredibly useful for storing a whole host of items in a wide variety of settings, from foodstuffs, pet care, personal care and wellness products, to aggressive chemical cleaners and automotive and veterinary products. 

Starting at 125 ml capacity, our tubs go on to 250ml, 500ml and 1Ltr – and are perfect for storing dried herbs and spices, sauces and spreads such as jam and peanut butter, as well as lotions and moisturisers, and small quantities of adhesives and sealants.

Our pails start at 2.5Ltr capacity, then go on to 5trL, 10Ltr, 12.5Ltr, 15Ltr, 20Ltr, 25Ltr, 33Ltr and all the way up to 60L. They are first-rate for storing large quantities of viscous liquids such as paint, granular products such as fertiliser, or foodstuffs such as marinades and sauces.

You’d have trouble finding a packaging solution more versatile than our tubs and buckets, so whatever sector you’re in, contact our team today to discuss your business requirements. If you’re not sure which tub or pail would best suit, our Free Samples Service can help you decide. And if you have something in mind that’s a little out of the ordinary, our Made To Order Service has got you covered!

Safety & Security

Not only is polypropylene (PP) extremely versatile, it’s outstandingly strong and durable too! Able to withstand high levels of impact and movement, as well as extreme environmental conditions, without leaking or cracking, our PP tubs and buckets provide the ultimate protection for your product both in transit and in storage.

All our tubs and pails also boast tamper-evident lids, to help guarantee the quality, safety and security of your product in storage and during transportation. With a tamper-evident seal, your product is protected against pilferage or contamination until it reaches its final destination. Impossible to reseal, the TE band makes it obvious to the recipient of the product that it’s been tampered with and they will know to discard it. 

If you work in the food or pharmaceutical sectors, you’ll know it’s particularly important that your product arrives in perfect condition – and tamper-evident bands go a long way to helping prevent leakage and spoilage and ensuring the quality and integrity of your goods from dispatch to destination.

On our larger tubs and buckets, the tamper-evident band even doubles up as a lever to enable easy lid removal! Genius!

Ingenious Design

Using the tamper-evident band as a lever for easy lid removal is just one of the ingenious design features on our tubs and pails that makes them your ultimate packaging partner.

Our buckets also boast a dotted rim, which locks them together to prevent movement in transit (thereby preventing product breakage, leakage and waste) and improves stackability (saving precious work and storage space).

Most of our larger tubs and pails are also fitted with a sturdy handle, a design feature that is incredibly useful as it makes your product easy to manoeuvre and carry without spillages or breakages occurring. 

The flat bases on all our tubs and pails is another ingenious design feature that allows for maximum product extraction, minimum wastage and higher rates of customer satisfaction! Maximum product extraction also increases the recyclability potential of your packaging because it’s cleaner and more likely to be efficiently and effectively processed for recycling.


100% PCR pails

Our tubs and pails hit all the marks when it comes to sustainability – another reason why they’re your ultimate packaging partner! 

All are made from polypropylene (PP), which is one of the lightest weight and eco-friendly plastics out there. With a resin ID code of 5 (you can read all about the meaning behind resin ID codes in our previous blog), PP can be widely recycled at standard facilities.

We typically use 40% less plastic on average than our competitors to manufacture our buckets, which hugely reduces plastic packaging tax (PPT) liability. In fact our 2.5Ltr, 5Ltr and 10Ltr pails in our amazing Ecycle™ range are made from 100% recycled PCR and completely PPT exempt.

These days, it’s extremely important to do all you can to be a sustainable business, not only to protect our planet, but to meet the expectations of consumers and ensure the commercial success of your product. Contact our team of experts today to discuss upgrading to our PP-manufactured tubs and pails, for a truly sustainable packaging solution.

In-Mould Labelling (IML)

In-Mould Labelling is now available across ALL our tubs and pails – and it’s a service that your business won’t want to be without.

Instead of applying a label to your container’s surface after production, the label is applied during the production process – saving time and money, ensuring consistency in the branding and appearance of your product and helping reduce your carbon footprint.

The IML process also makes your label highly resistant to breaking, peeling or scratching, while an innovative safety feature on our buckets prevents stress cracking and breakage at the join between the IML and the pail. All this helps to protect both your container and your product while in storage or transit.

Discover more about the huge benefits of IML for your business today and get in touch to see how we can help.