What are tamper evident containers

What are tamper evident containers and what are they used for?

We stock a range of tamper evident containers and closures, available in different formats for varied uses. The main thing to consider when selecting tamper evident packaging is that both the bottle/container and the closure/lid need to be designed as tamper evident.

TIP: Many people do not realise that tamper evident containers will not function as required unless there are paired with the appropriate closure or lid. For example, when you consider something like a drink bottle, the cap has a ring around the base which breaks off when the cap is removed and to make this work, a bottle needs barbs on the neck to ensure the tamper evident seal is broken and the user can see the bottle has been opened.

Our plastic tamper evident containers can be used to store liquids, hazardous contents, or medical products. They can also be used for horticultural, cleaning, animal health and industrial products.

The difference between tamper resistant and tamper evident containers

Many people often wonder what the difference is, but ultimately tamper evident containers mean that from looking at the packaging, someone would easily be able to tell if it had previously been opened or if someone had tried to force it open or interfere with the tamper evident packaging.

Tamper resistant packaging is a lot more difficult and time-consuming to open, but it may not be quite as evident visually when the packaging has been tampered with. For example, if a sticker or label is placed over the top of a cap or lid, it could be removed carefully with enough time and effort and reapplied with no visual evidence of tampering.

There is also child-resistant packaging to consider, which is when the packaging requires a certain level of adult knowledge to figure out how to open it, ensuring children do not gain access to harmful chemicals. An example can be seen here with our white PP fine mill child resistant bottle cap. This meets child resistant cap regulations and is usually used on hazardous products or pharmaceutical products.

Why choose tamper evident containers?

By selecting a closure and container which shows if the product has been tampered with, you are facilitating the end user becoming aware that a product may have been interfered with and potentially contaminated or its freshness compromised.

Tamper evident containers and jars from stock

Our range of SnapSecure tamper evident containers are small tamper evident pots or jars which take a press-on lid which has a tamper evident seal in the form of a plastic band that the user removes before opening the container for the first time. They are used for supplements and over the counter medicated products, also for some other applications such as fishing baits.

Tamper evident tubs and pails

Often it is important to consider tamper evident containers when selecting packaging for products which need to be stored in tubs or pails. We have a range of tamper evident tubs and pails here. You can often tell if it is a tamper evident tub because there will be a small section of plastic which breaks away when the lid is removed, as seen in this example, marked ‘open’.

Our range of pails are especially popular in the sectors where products are liable to spoiling, the tamper evident function is key in maintaining the integrity of the product.

Consider neck sizes carefully

When considering neck size for your tamper evident containers, think about what is being stored and how it will be filled or poured out. For example, our 500ml Natural Wide Neck Bottle is great for the filling of granules and pastes because of its larger neck.

Popular combinations of tamper evident containers and closures

The CBR500TEW bottle is a 500ml white rectangular bottle in our popular Brecon style. This has a 32/415 tamper evident neck finish and large label areas on all four sides. While a variety of tamper evident closures in a range of colours are available from stock, the ZTE32W cap is a particular favourite among our customers. This combination is a great choice for horticultural, animal health and industrial products.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a tamper evident jerry can, the Y1000N jerry can and ZTY38W cap are ideal. This combination is often used in the industrial and animal health sectors. On both of the cap images, you will notice that the tamper evident seal band can be seen – this remains on the container when the cap is removed, so you can see why it’s important to select the right container.

If you require a child-resistant solution, consider the JPS500C bottle and ZCRB280BF-BS cap; this combination works on a press and turn principle. Alternatively, for a toilet cleaner you might try the TT750W angled neck bottle and D4.0CRCR , which works with a squeeze and turn method.

White Tamper evident Brecon Bottle
Tamper Evident Container example
tamper evident cap
Tamper evident cap

Wide range of tamper evident packaging available from stock

Most of our items are stocked as standard and therefore available for a fast turnaround. We supply items manufactured in the UK and EU. You can order free samples for next day delivery via this website.

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