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Why we recommend PET plastic bottles for car care products

There are several plastic packaging options available, but PET plastic bottles for car care products remain the most popular choice.

PET (polythene terephthalate) plastic is inherently resistant to many of the solvents typically included in car care products such as waxes and polishes. View more chemical information here in our knowledge section.

When you look at most car care containers on the market, you will see that PET plastic bottles for car care products also benefit from a sleek, luxury gloss finish, enhancing the look of your products on the shelves.

Top Tip #1
Some professional products used for heavily soiled vehicle exteriors are highly caustic. For products with a pH value of 10 or higher we recommend HDPE bottles.
Top Tip #2
Do you have a liquid product that needs to be seen in its packaging? We can supply a wide range of clear PET plastic bottles available now from large stocks.
Top Tip #3
Do you require a smaller packaging solution? If you need 250ml bottles or 500ml bottles, these smaller sizes are a perfect packaging choice for products that need to be stored in situations where there is limited space, such as in the map pocket of a car.

What is the most popular colour for car care PET plastic bottles?

Black PET plastic bottles are a very popular choice for packaging for car care products and we have two black cylindrical PET plastic bottles available from stock in 500ml and 1Ltr.

Our range of PET plastic bottles for car care products are currently available for delivery on very short lead times. Get in touch to place your order on 01686 611 360.

Why choose Cambrian as your supplier of PET plastic bottles for car care products?

Cambrian Packaging has built up a reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable plastic bottle wholesalers, with almost 30 years of experience in the packaging industry.

Whether you are a brand owner with a car care product or general autocare product, or you are perhaps a contract packer filling for an autocare brand, we can help you to find the best car care containers and closures.

Not only do we stock a range of plastic bottles, but you can also get your closures, dispensing closures, sprayers and other car care containers from Cambrian.

What dispensing options are available to accompany your chosen car care containers?

It’s one task to find good quality, reliable PET plastic bottles for car care products, but there is also the closure/dispenser to consider.

Sometimes you might need a packaging solution for a product which is sprayed on. We also offer clear PET plastic spray bottles in 500ml and 750ml with trigger heads to suit and stock mist sprays to fit our Bostons and tubular bottles.

Need to spray something from small packaging for autocare products designed to fit in a glove box or a door pocket? We would recommend our mist sprays, which can be used to dispense dash spray or glass cleaners for example.

Should your car care product be used sparingly, such as a polish or paint renovator? By selecting a flip top or disc top you can ensure your product can be dispensed onto a cloth in a measured way.

In terms of car care containers, other options (in HDPE) include square or rectangular bottles, jerry cans or our extremely popular Revolve™ dosing bottles for concentrated products.

Jerry cans for car care products

Our jerry cans have built-in handles, making it easier to move the product around. They are ideal for storing products like screenwash and exterior car cleaning chemicals in larger quantities. Choose from standard jerry cans (simple adaptable containers in sizes 1Ltr to 5Ltr), or more robust UN certified jerry cans (suited for surface and air freight).

Choose Revolve™ for measured dosing of autocare products

If your cleaning product needs to be dispensed in a more measured way, such as car shampoo, take a look at our Revolve™ dosing bottles. This solution will eliminate the awkward squeezing required to operate traditional dosing bottles or problems of overdosing and involves a simple upturn of the bottle and back again to fill the dosing chamber, which then naturally drains to the required dosage. Make your car care product stand out with this unique bottle shape. View the range.

Want to take a closer look at our range? View our PET plastic bottles for car care products here.

Would you prefer something to look through at your leisure? Order a free copy of our new product guide here.

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