Cambrian: Your Next-Gen Packaging Supplier

Innovative. Knowledgeable. Sustainable. Customer-centric. This is what it means to be a next-gen packing supplier, and these are the watchwords we use as we work to bring our valued customers cutting edge, cost-effective products and services that can truly transform their business.

Our five Cambrian values are the foundation upon which we build all our business practices – and our customers are firmly at the heart of everything we do. 

From the exceptional products we stock and supply (including our trailblazing new product launches and range expansions), the fantastic business-enhancing services we provide, and our continuous work as sustainability pioneers, you will see our Cambrian values front and centre of all our products, processes and customer relations.

Read on as we reveal all the ways in which we are proud to be your next-gen packaging supplier and partner, and how we can help you decide which of our products would best suit your business…

Our Cambrian Values

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At Cambrian, our values are the guiding principles for everything we do and every customer we deal with. They are what make us who we are as a business and they form the foundations on which we build our everyday working practices.

We have five main values that we are fully committed to and which everyone who works at Cambrian embodies:

  • Customer First: We ensure our valued customers are at the heart of all our working operations.
  • Agile: We are willing and able to adapt to change whenever it’s needed.
  • Bold: To show courage and purpose in everything we do.
  • Innovative: Committing to developing and embracing new ways to offer our products and services.
  • Ownership: We work to our full potential and take responsibility when things go right – and when they don’t.

From the services we provide and the products we stock and supply, to our commitment to being a sustainable business, our values inform every move we make. Read on to learn more about the exceptional services we provide, our ground-breaking new product launches and our trailblazing sustainability work.

Our Bespoke Services

At Cambrian, we’re passionate about finding forward-thinking, high-performing cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions for our clients. As a next-gen packaging supplier, we offer several services that work to complement your product and branding, optimise the efficiency and productivity of your business processes and enhance your experience as a valued customer.

Whatever industry you’re in or you supply to, our services can be tailored to your specific application and business requirements. We offer an extremely robust global supply chain, working with our trusted manufacturing and supply partners to ensure that our customers get their packaging products – and their free samples! – exactly when they need them.

In fact, our stock availability is second to none. We have millions of products in our warehouse, ready to be dispatched for next-day delivery, and our lead times are the shortest on the market.

Our fantastic In-Mould Labelling (IML) service for tubs and pails (whereby a pre-printed label is applied to a mould during production) can optimise the efficiency of your business processes, enhance your branding, save you time and money AND reduce your carbon footprint. It delivers a fully printed, irremovable, waterproof and food safe label that fits your product and brand aesthetics all in one go! What’s not to love!?

Another service we provide that fully optimises your product’s performance and effectiveness is dip tube trimming and re-work. If the standard stock length dip tube doesn’t suit your chosen trigger head, mist sprayer or lotion pump dispenser, we can trim it to fit perfectly! 

And last – but by no means least- is the service that we’re probably best known for; our Free Samples Service! This invaluable service allows you to try before you buy and test your product independently against our packaging to see if they’re a good fit, both in terms of chemical compatibility and brand identity (more on this below). 

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of any or all of these great services for your business – and to get your free samples!

Our Trailblazing Products

Next-Gen Packaging Supplier blog recycled pails image
Our new 100% recycled pails range

A huge part of what makes us your next-gen packaging supplier are our ground-breaking products  – and we have some exceptional new products and range extensions on the horizon!

As many of you know, we already have our fabulous 100% recycled Ecycle range and in a fantastic new addition to that range, we recently brought 2.5L, 5L and 10L pails to the market! These containers are completely PPT free because they are made from 100% recycled material – 75% PCR (post consumer recyclate) and 25% PIR (post industrial recyclate).

We pride ourselves on being trailblazers in the plastic packaging space and are extremely excited to be launching new products that smash the boundaries of functionality, chemical compatibility, sustainability and product security.

Spearheading our new product launches is the Minerva trigger spray head, which boasts exceptional pre-compression functionality and sustainability credentials. We also have some fabulous 30% PCR and 35% PCR triggers and trigger bottles launching, which are making great progress on the road to more sustainable packaging products (more on this below), plus they’re also PPT free.

Our exceptional all-plastic Smoothwall lotion pumps are another new Cambrian product that’s knocking sustainability milestones out of the park! Being all-plastic makes these pumps 100% recyclable and moreover, the new black lotion pump is made from NIR black. This is a gamechanger in the world of recycling because it allows previously unrecyclable carbon black plastic packaging products to be picked out by an infrared scanner and recycled. Combined with their innovative, cutting edge design, these products boast unrivalled versatility, ease of use and eco credentials.

We also have an array of fabulous new caps and closures ready to launch that offer the ultimate in product security and preservation. Extensions to our closures range – such as our new white and black EPE wadded screw caps and black IHS (induction heat) Seal for PET closuresguarantee to preserve the properties of your product, be it a chemical, medicine or foodstuff, and secure it safely in its container.

We’ve mentioned only a few of the upcoming new products and range expansions that make us your next-gen packaging supplier here! You can read much more about what we have in store in our latest blog.

Our Pioneering Sustainability Agenda

These days, a huge part of being a successful next-gen packaging supplier is being sustainable. At Cambrian, we pride ourselves on being sustainability pioneers, both in terms of the products we stock and supply and what we do in-house at Cambrian HQ. 

Since 2015, we’ve been ISO14001 accredited, which means we’ve been continually demonstrating our commitment to protecting our planet by implementing this global standard of environmental management systems and guidelines.

Following such guidelines helped us become one of the first plastic packaging companies in the UK to be awarded Carbon Neutral status. This means that our business and everyday working practices aren’t contributing to the greenhouse gases increase that’s driving climate change – something we’re very proud of! 

From our in-house recycling schemes and reusable coffee cups, to our electric vehicle fleet and involvement in  Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Great British Spring Clean’, we’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further. So we’re very proud to say that in the past year, we achieved an 8.6% reduction in the CO2 emissions generated by our daily working operations! 

Accredited with Carbon Footprint Ltd, the reduction took into account gas, electric and water usage at our sites, commuting and company car travel, business flight travel and business hotel stays. You can read more about becoming carbon neutral here and get more ideas on how to be a more sustainable business in our previous blog.

Your Next-Gen Packaging Supplier - image of recycling skips at cambrian hq
Recycling skips for paper and cardboard at Cambrian HQ
Many of our staff participated in the Great British Spring Clean!

Our commitment to stocking and supplying our valued customers with packaging products that are eco-friendly (as well as high performing and cost effective) is a big part of what makes us a next-gen packaging supplier.

One of our proudest achievements to date is saving a whopping 102 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill in the last 12 months, by switching from virgin to 30-100% recycled material in our product lines. 

In fact, we now stock over 50 lines that include recycled material and more than 250 of our stock lines are recyclable, which means they can be collected and remanufactured into new products! We’re also in the process of transitioning our black plastic products to NIR (near infrared) masterbatch from carbon black masterbatch, meaning they can be identified by an infrared scanner during the recycling process, sorted and recycled. This wasn’t previously possible, so is a great sustainability advance.

Our exciting new product launches and range expansions too are making great advances in recyclability and sustainability – and are a big part of what makes us stand out as a next-gen packaging supplier.

The previously mentioned new Minerva trigger head boasts exceptional sustainability credentials. It’s the lightest weight of all plastic triggers and because it’s made from a single polyolefin, it can be recycled via standard council kerbside recycling services.

Great advances in recyclability have also been made with three fantastic new trigger spray heads across two ranges. To our spray-jet trigger range, we’re adding an all-plastic grey/white trigger manufactured from 30% PCR and to our spray-only range, we’re adding two all-plastic (and therefore fully recyclable) black triggers, one made from 30% PCR and the other from 35% PCR.

From our new 30% PET tubular bottles range and 100% recycled pails, to our new all-plastic (and therefore fully recyclable) NIR black and white lotion pumps, we’re continuing to nail sustainability milestones with our ground-breaking products.

Get in touch today to discuss your product requirements.

How Cambrian Can Help: Our 5-Step Process and Free samples Service

As previously mentioned, we place our customers at the heart of everything we do and because we care about our customers and their business, we’re passionate about finding them packaging solutions that are top-performing, cost-effective and sustainable.

Our 5-step process (including our Free Samples Service) provides a roadmap to our valued clients, to help them decide which of our products is best for their specific business requirements.

  1. FREE consultation – a chat about your packaging needs at a time convenient to you.
  2. Analyse current packaging – to see current level of recyclability, how it reflects your brand values and the chemical compatibility required.
  3. Specify more sustainable and cost effective packaging alternatives. 
  4. Send out samples of these alternatives for you to test independently against your product. Get in touch today for your free samples!
  5. Deliver your new packaging directly to you in some of the shortest lead times out there.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help you choose which of our next-gen products and services would best fit your business needs.